Best Festival Sleeping Bags

Festival sleeping bags: The best sleeping bags for festivals in 2018

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So which are the best sleeping bags? A decent sleeping bag can be the difference between a cozy nights sleep and freezing your way through ’til sunrise.

You can normally find a nice, warm, high-quality sleeping bag for the same price as a rubbish one, as long as you know what to look for.

First things first, make sure you’ve got a decent roll mat. You lose loads of heat through the ground, so whatever sleeping bag you’ve got, a roll mat will make loads of difference to your temperature. It’ll also be loads comfier.

We’ve examined some of the most popular sleeping bags available both online and on the high street. The best deals are found online, but if you need a sleeping bag in a hurry, we’ve also looked at some of the best high street options.

If you’re a couple keen on sharing, scroll to the bottom for our best double sleeping bags for festivals.

Best sleeping bags: High quality

Viking Trek 350x Breathable Mummy Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bags for Festivals: High Quality
Image credit: Viking Trek

If you’ve got the money to spend, this is our best pick for a festival sleeping bag.

It’s a little more expensive than the cheapest, but you get a really high-quality sleeping bag full of extra features and helpful finishing touches.

As you’re paying for quality, it should last you for multiple summers filled with festivals and camping trips.

With a warm 350g filling and drawstring ‘mummy’ type hood, it’s been rated as comfortable down to 8°C, with a recommended limit at 3°C. Apparently, it’s also suitable for ‘extreme’ use down to -11°C. I doubt you’ll see below 8°C at a British festival this summer, so this thing should keep you lovely and toasty throughout the season.

The Viking Trek 350x is made from special breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from your body and out through the breathable shell. A unique anti-snag zipper prevents it from snagging on the inner material of the bag.

The sleeping bag even comes with a completely waterproof carrying bag, so if you get soaked on the way into a festival, your sleeping bag should stay dry until you’ve put up your tent.

It even has a secret internal pocket for storing valuables whilst you sleep.

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Best sleeping bags: Budget

Milestone Unisex Outdoor Mummy Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bags for Festivals: Best budget
Image credit: Milestone

If you don’t fancy spending so much on a sleeping bag, this one from Milestone will still outperform most bargain supermarket bags at a similar cost to the cheapest sleeping bags around.

Like the Viking Trek 350x above, it’s also a ‘mummy’ type sleeping bag with the padded hood area. It’s only got a 150g filling rather than 350g, but it should still be enough to keep you cosy through the British summer.

That 150g filling isn’t bad at all, it’s around standard for a sleeping bag, and shouldn’t feel particularly cheap or thin unless you’re used to using really expensive sleeping bags already. 

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend this sleeping bag for camping in November, it should serve you well for festival season.

It also comes with a carrying bag, although this time it’s not waterproof. It is however slightly lighter to carry around than the Viking Trek 350x.

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Best sleeping bags: High street

Argos 250g Mummy Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bags for Festivals: Argos
Image credit: Argos

Update: Since the time of writing, Argos have cut the price of this sleeping bag to just £9.99 as part of their summer sale. 

If you’d prefer not to buy online, or perhaps you need a sleeping bag today and can’t wait for delivery, why not use the Argos stock checker to find one of these you can pick up instantly near you?

It’s another mummy sleeping bag, this time with a drawstring hood. It’s machine washable, perfect for when you bring it back from Leeds Fest more mud than fabric.

It’s slightly heavier than the Milestone above, but has a thicker 250g filling. It can be fully unzipped and also wipes clean, and has hanging loops to dry it off.

The hanging loops may be useful to dry it off outside your tent when one of your mates spills their beer all over it, and it’s only the first night!

Find it here on the Argos website, where you can check local stock, reserve online for collection, or order for home delivery.

Cheapest sleeping bags: High Street

B&M Bargains Swiss Military Mummy Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bags for Festivals: B&M Bargains
Image credit: Swiss Military

Here it is, the cheapest sleeping bag around. 

Available in a choice of black, burgundy, lime (green!), and blue.

To be fair, it’s not half bad at all. It’s got a 220g filling and also comes with a carrying case, so it’s nearly as good as the Argos sleeping bag above, but slightly cheaper.

You can’t order online with B&M Bargains, and if you want to check stock you’ll have to phone around local stores.

You can, however, check it out on the B&M Bargains website here, and if your local store lets you down, the nearby Home Bargains might have something similar.

There’s also a double sleeping bag available from Sports Direct for the same price. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Best double sleeping bags: Online

OMorc Detachable Double / Single Sleeping Bag with pillows

Best double sleeping bag for festivals
Image credit: OMorc

This double size sleeping bag has a super unique feature in that it’s detachable, so can be used as two single sleeping bags instead.

It also comes with a toasty hollow-cotton 350g filling, so with two of you in there, you should have no problem keeping warm, even on the coldest nights.

The OMorc detachable double sleeping bag has a water-resistant outer shell that’s also breathable, and is fitted with anti-snag zippers to prevent catching on the internal material.

The sleeping bag also comes with a compression carrying sack, keeping the sleeping bag small enough to be carried easily.

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Best double sleeping bags: High Street

Argos: Trespass Double Envelope Sleeping Bag

Here’s a high quality, name-brand double sleeping bag that you can pick up today on the high street. 

This Tresspass double sleeping bag is currently on sale for £29.99. It’s got a 300gsm hollow fibre filling, so will keep you both warm and toasty.

It’s not detachable like the OMorc sleeping bag above, but it’s from a better known brand, and also features an internal security pocket for storing your valuables whilst you sleep.

It comes with a compression carrying bag and uses anti-allergy materials.

Most importantly, as it’s available from Argos, you can check stock in local stores online, and make a reservation for free. If you need a double sleeping bag urgently for a festival today or tomorrow, this is your best option.

The bargain £29.99 price could possibly be because it’s being discontinued. If the Trespass sleeping bag is sold out, Argos have another double sleeping bag that’s also £29.99. It’s pretty similar, with a slightly lower rated filling at 250gsm, though that’s still gonna be toasty with two of you.

The Trespass double sleeping bag pictured, the alternative Highlander double sleeping bag, and a few other double sleeping bags are all available from Argos to reserve and collect today. They’re also available for home delivery if you’d prefer.

Cheapest double sleeping bag: £8.99 Deal alert

Sports Direct: Gelert Double Sleeping Bag

Cheapest Double Sleeping Bag for Festivals
Image credit: Gelert

This is one of the most basic double sleeping bags around. Fortunately, it’s really really cheap. Just £8.99, supposedly reduced from £34.99, at Sports Direct.

No frills, no extra features, no pillows, no hoods, and no internal pockets.

But it’s £8.99, so it’s still pretty incredible.

We think it has a 200gsm filling, which is less than those above, but still more than adequate for the British summer. 

They’re currently in stock online, but you’ll need to pay £5 delivery.

If you can find one in a Sports Direct store, this is by far the best deal around, and definitely the cheapest. Unfortunately, you can’t check stock online, so you might end up rummaging around the camping sections of a few local Sports Direct stores before you find one.

Main image credit: Jan Dobrý