Anti-drug campaigners dismayed at plans for drug safety testing at UK festival

1st July 2017 Off By

In a somewhat bizarre, but expected, statement, the National Drug Prevention Alliance said “I do not think senior police officers have thought this through with the clarity that the public deserve.
“This will simply normalise drug taking amongst the young and will reinforce the attitude that taking drugs is an integral part of the festival experience, which it is not.
“Another problem is that drug testing services offer an illusion of safety. They tell drug users about purity, but purity is not a measure of safety, quite the opposite in some cases. Drugs are illegal because they are unsafe and that is the message that the police ought to be giving.
“This also offers a helping hand to drug dealers by providing them with a testing service. They can get their supply checked before they go off and start pushing. That is something the police ought to be preventing not supporting.”

I’m not even sure where to start picking that apart. I think that line at the end epitomises it perfectly, claiming the police should be preventing dealers from checking their supply is safe. It is clear that the National Drug Prevention Alliance are deluded, but also worrying that they seem to have little regards towards harm reduction. It seems once a person has started taking drugs, the NDPA would rather paint them as evil rather than prevent them coming to harm.