Boomtown Chapter 11 tickets go on sale at 7pm tonight

 Boomtown Chapter 11 tickets go on sale at 7pm tonight

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Tickets for the 2019 edition of Boomtown Fair will go on sale at 7pm tonight, Thursday 1st November.

Here’s our complete guide to securing the cheapest tickets for Boomtown 2019, dubbed Chapter 11: A Radical City. We’ve also explained the 20+ different types and tiers of tickets below.

Boomtown tickets are priced in tiers, with those buying first securing a cheaper price. The only difference between different tiers of ticket is the price. Adult 4-day entry tickets with camping start from £189 at the tier 1 price.

Tier 1 tickets sell out fast, with over 12,000 tickets sold in the first five minutes of sales last year. If you miss out, tier 2 tickets cost an extra £25.

Boomtown 2018 took until February to sell out completely, so if you miss the initial ticket sales you’ll still be able to secure a ticket at a slightly higher cost.

Selling out as early as February was impressive, and likely linked to Chapter 10’s incredible and exclusive line-up. Thankfully it’s still nothing like Glastonbury, which sells out completely in well under an hour.

Waiting to find out the Boomtown Chapter 11 headliners? They’ll be revealed on the 8th February 2019, with the very first announcements set for next month.

Maximise your chances of the cheapest tier 1 tickets

Tickets go on sale from Boomtown’s official TheTicketSellers page at 7pm, 1st November. Use these tips to make sure you get one of the cheapest tickets before they sell out!

Set an alarm on your phone for 6.55pm

The easiest way to miss out on the cheapest Boomtown tickets is to forget about the 7 pm ticket sales, so set a reminder on your phone.

Make sure your TheTicketSellers account is ready

If you haven’t registered an account with TheTicketSellers before, do it now. Even if you have, it’s probably been a while, so check that you haven’t forgotten your password by logging in now!

Tickets must match ID on the gate

Boomtown tickets are only valid with ID matching the name on the ticket. Make sure you have the name, email address, and age for everyone you’re buying for written down.

Public transport tickets sell out slower

There’s less demand for public transport tickets, which you must use in combination with coach travel or train station shuttle. This means the tier 1 tickets sell out slower. They’re also up to a tenner cheaper.

Coach travel from a city of choice or shuttle bus travel from Winchester train station can be purchased alongside your ticket, lower down the page. You cannot access Boomtown with a public transport ticket unless you arrive via public transport.

If you were planning on arriving on Wednesday, you’ll save an extra £20. This is a paid upgrade for standard ticket holders, but free for anyone arriving via public transport as part of Boomtown’s sustainability initiatives.

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Boomtown 2019 tickets explained

There are dozens of combinations of Boomtown tickets available this year, some including accommodation and travel options. We’ll run through them all below and help you make sense of them.

Prices below exclude booking fees, typically around £7.50.
A £10 ‘ecobond’ will be added to each ticket, refundable on site.
Anyone with an adult ticket must have ID proving they are 18+ on the gate.
13-17 year-olds require a teen ticket and must be accompanied by an adult over 30. (yes,
over 30!) Children aged 0-12 require a free ticket.

Thursday / 4-day adult entry ticket

The standard Boomtown ticket, including camping and full access from Thursday. You can always pay the £20 to upgrade to Wednesday entry at a later date.

  • Tier 1: £199
  • Tier 2: £224
  • Tier 3: £234
  • Tier 4: £244

Wednesday / 5-day adult entry ticket

The standard Boomtown ticket, with the £20 Wednesday entry upgrade included, forming a 5-day entry ticket with camping.

  • Tier 1: £219
  • Tier 2: £244
  • Tier 3: £254
  • Tier 4: £264

Teen and child tickets

As stated above, you’ll need ID to prove you’re 18+ to get in with a standard adult ticket. If you’re 13-17 you’ll need a teen ticket, and to be accompanied by someone over 30.

  • Teen ticket (13-17): £189 – Thursday entry, £20 Wednesday upgrade sold separately.
  • Child ticket (0-12): Free – Children aged 12 or under still require a ticket, but these are available free

Instalment plan

Spread the cost of your ticket by paying a £50 deposit, then three payments next year. Both 4-day and 5-day tickets are available on instalments. Public transport tickets are also available on instalment in their own section of the page.

After paying your deposit, payments of £65 will be taken on 1st Feb, 1st March, and 1st April next year. For a 5-day ticket, this rises to £71.70.

Public transport tickets

These are cheaper than standard tickets, but only valid with coach travel or train station shuttle bus travel sold separately. They include the £20 Wednesday entry upgrade for free.

  • Tier 1: £189
  • Tier 2: £219
  • Tier 3: £229
  • Instalment: £50 now, £60 in Feb & March & April

Boomtown Springs

Boomtown Springs tickets includes Wednesday entry and exclusive VIP camping with access to mansion and pool parties.

  • Adult: £395
  • Teen (13-17): £295
  • Child (0-12): Free
  • Upgrade from standard ticket: £195

Camp Skylark

This is a bit of a weird one. Boomtown’s Camp Skylark offers luxury toilets and showers alongside pre-pitched accommodation. You cannot bring your own tent to Camp Skylark.

It’s a £50 upgrade per person, on top of the standard Boomtown ticket price AND you’ll also need to shell out for a pre-pitched tent between your group. Prices range from £345 for a bell tent, way up to £3,625 for a luxury Airstream trailer.

Cars & Campervans

Car parking passes are £26 per car. Options available include standard, Meadow (accessibility), family, Boomtown Springs, and Wednesday arrival.

To arrive by car on Wednesday, 3 or more people must be sharing the vehicle. They must all have their own Wednesday entry Boomtown tickets.

Campervan passes are £100. Options available include South, Family, Meadow (accessibility), and South. East is a new campervan field for 2019, located near Sector 6.

Ready to buy?

Here’s the link to the official Boomtown ticket sales page again.

Main image credit: Paul Whitley