Business Skills You Develop as a Festival Promoter

The festival seasons is a unique time of year. It’s all about the rolling green UK fields packed with tents, dripping in the sun, your friends, laughter and of course – good music. Sometimes tickets for these festivals cost more than we would like, but there is a way to get a cheaper ticket or even free entry. Working as a festival promoter usually gives you some type of discount to enter the best festivals once the weekend comes around.

But that isn’t the only benefit of working at a festival. You can develop business skills by working as a festival promoter. It is a fantastic role to add to your CV if you want to have a career in business – or even start your own.

Where to Find Festival Jobs?

Many festival jobs can be found on the official websites of the festivals you want to be a promoter for. For example, you could check the Tramlines website for jobs at their festival. However, some festivals outsource promotion work, and if you are open to working as a festival promoter at more than one event, you could save time by using job sites that frequently advertise said roles. JobRapido is one of those sites and includes plenty of festival jobs before the season comes around.

Using sites like these will give you practice for when you apply for career jobs too!

Festival Promotion Jobs Develop Business Skills

So, how would working as a festival promoter enhance skills needed in the world of business? In fact, there are a lot of soft skills that festival promotion can develop which companies need. It may even develop some hard skills as well:

·   Public speaking – you may need to promote to a large group

·    Communication – you will speak to lots of different people frequently

·   Teamwork – you will work with a promotions team daily

·   Negotiation – you may have to negotiate on prices with large parties

·   Emotional intelligence – you start to understand people’s emotions

·   Developing rapport – you develop rapport and small talk with buyers

·   Finance skills – you know more about finances, buying and selling

·   Organisation – you need to be extremely organised

All of these skills transfer into the business world where you may have to communicate with business partners, potential buyers and maybe even negotiate on deals. Let’s learn more…

Why Soft Skills Matter

Lots of studies have looked into the value of hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are those that you learn through courses, such as coding, while soft skills as those that come from your personality and are predominantly developed through experiences, such as public speaking and negotiation.

Research has found that soft skills can improve your income by around 9%, which is similar to the rate of income growth that can be achieved through hard skills. That means developing soft skills – like the ones you will gain as a festival promoter – may be just as beneficial for your career as your university degree.

Furthermore, recruiters now value soft skills more than they used to. Whereas lots of applicants may have a business degree, not as many have experiences to back them up.

And that is why working as a festival promoter can be excellent for your future business career!