Festival Essentials Everyone Forgets

Five major festival essentials that everyone forgets

12th September 2018 Off By

When you’re heading to a festival, you might have a list as long as your arm of things that you need to pack.

As well as the obvious things (like tents, food and clothing), you’re going to need some basic necessities that are guaranteed to make your weekend more fun.

Whilst we’re not saying that you need to pack a suitcase, adding just a few of these things that you might not have thought of to your rucksack will really make a difference to how you feel over the weekend.

Pretty much everyone forgets one, two or all of the things on this list, so even if your festivals have finished for the summer be sure to make a note for next year!

Spare Pairs Of Socks

Festival Essentials Everyone Forgets: Socks

Whilst socks are (hopefully) an item at the top of your packing list, how many pairs do you actually take?

If you’re wearing your trusty pair of wellies all weekend, there’s no doubt that your feet are going to get hot.

Having enough pairs of socks that you can change them throughout the day or when you take them off a night will make a huge difference to how you feel and especially how your feet feel.

A Portable Charger

Festival Essentials Everyone Forgets: Charger
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If you’re brave enough to take your phone, then it’s going to run out of battery pretty quickly thanks to the constant Instagramming and phoning your friends because you’ve lost them for the tenth time that day.

A portable charger takes up hardly any room in your rucksack or pocket and due to the lack of power points at festivals, will mean that your phone can stay charged all weekend.

Plus, you can also ring your mum to come and pick you up from the train station instead of battling to get on a commuter train with muddy clothes.

Warm Clothes

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Most festival-goers tend to only pack shorts and t-shirts as they are light and dry quickly.

If you’re a regular at festivals, you’ll know just how grim you feel at the end of the weekend and all you want to do is to put on some comfy clothes to go home in.

Packing some lightweight warm clothes to stick on before you leave will make you feel so much better and if you’re travelling a long way home, you’re more likely to be able to get a good nap.

Add in a hoodie, sweatpants or leggings and you’ll be looking forward to putting them on all weekend, or if the weather suddenly turns a little cooler, you can put them on to get warm again.

You don’t need to sacrifice your style, either. Thanks to the summers big streetwear trends, there a plenty of fashionable pieces to choose from that you can wear again after you get home.

Carrier Bags

Festival Essentials Everyone Forgets: Plastic Bags
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How many times have you got back to your tent and thrown your wet muddy clothes into your backpack without thinking before going to sleep?

If you’ve woken up to find that in your sleepy haste you’ve managed to get all of your clean, dry clothes wet and muddy, then adding a few carrier bags or bin bags to your rucksack is going to be a welcome addition.

Just put all of your damp clothes into separate plastic bags after you’ve worn them and leave in the corner of your tent or bottom of your rucksack.

Whilst this packing essential may sound paranoid, having dry clothes to put on in the morning of yet another damp and grey day is a small win.

Wet Wipes

Festival Essentials Everyone Forgets: Baby Wipes
Image credit: Yourbestdigs

Almost everyone has these on their packing lists, but almost always forget them.

We’ve all seen the queues for showers at a festival and we’ve all been a witness to the state that they get in, so showering surprisingly isn’t at the top of a lot of people’s priorities during a festival weekend.

However, you do want to stay clean during your weekend. Not only will it make you feel more refreshed, you’ll smell a whole lot better, too!

A pack or two of wet wipes are good for makeshift showers, taking off days old makeup and cleaning up any drink spills in your tent.

You’ll feel more human for it, even if you think you’re pulling off a three-day layer of mud.