Here’s Your Guide To The Upcoming AMP Lost And Found Festival 2020

 Here’s Your Guide To The Upcoming AMP Lost And Found Festival 2020

The AMP Lost and Found Festival in Malta has quickly gained a reputation for being the hottest festival in Europe. Over the last few years, huge names like Annie Mac, MK, Skream, and Dennis Sulta have all performed at the festival, and there is a mix of every genre of dance music from grime to techno to UK garage. Not only are the lineups incredible, but the location is truly stunning. Malta is one of the most beautiful islands in the world with amazing beaches and rich history. Whilst the festival has been pushed back to September due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it is important to plan your trip as early as possible to make the most of this unforgettable festival experience. 

To help you, here’s our guide to the upcoming AMP Lost and Found Festival 2020.

Book Your Accommodation and Flights Early

The festival attracts tens of thousands of attendees from all over the world and it is so important that you book your flights and accommodation early or you could easily find yourself with no way to get there or nowhere to stay. Malta International Airport is located just southwest of the capital Valletta in a town called Gudja but it is not a big airport and flights are limited. Make sure that you book yours well ahead of time and stay up to date with any changes or cancellations caused by the Corona Virus pandemic. Similarly, it is vital to sort out your accommodation as early as possible because it gets booked up fast around the festival time. Many people believe that the best place to stay is in Qawra because that is where all the pool parties are held and it is only a short walk to the Cafe Del Mar where the shuttle bus leaves to the nighttime festival locations. Make sure you get a wristband for the shuttle bus because you can use unlimited times over the duration of the festival.

Take Extra Time to Explore the Island

If possible, try to arrive in Malta a week or two before the festival and experience all the incredible things that the island has to offer. Malta has a fascinating history because its geographical location has put it in the center of various empires, religious transitions, and significant historical events. For some tips for a Malta vacation, check out Choice Holidays Guide to a great holiday in Malta which has all the information you will need to plan your trip. Every town and village has a different vibe and with incredible Meditteranean weather, it is an idyllic place for a vacation. Popular tourist attractions include the ancient Hypogeum catacombs where you can see the skeletons of dead saints and the fortress at the ancient capital of Mdina.

Get Your Festival Outfits Ready

The 2020 AMP Lost and Found Festival have been rescheduled to September where temperatures reach as high as 28C. Bikinis, shorts, and shades are the outfits of choice but remember that there are sporadic showers in Malta at that time of year so a light, waterproof jacket is also a useful piece of clothing to take with you. 

Use Your Card Rather Than Cash to Buy Tokens 

The Festival uses tokens as a payment method to make the festival safer for the attendees, so you will need to purchase these to buy drinks and food. Many people who attended the festival in April 2019 found that the exchange rate they received when buying the tokens was better when they were purchased on the card rather than cash. Whether this will be the same in 2020 is not possible to say but it is something to look out for when getting your precious festival tokens.  

Buy Tickets for the Boat Party and Castle Rave the Day They Come Out

For many people, the highlights of the festival are without a doubt the boat party and the castle rave. If you are planning on attending either then it is absolutely vital that you purchase the tickets as early as you can, if possible on the day they come out because they sell out fast. Take it in turns with your friends to keep an eye on the Lost and Found Festival website and social media pages so that you can pounce as soon as the tickets become available.

With another amazing line up booked for the 2020 AMP Lost and Found Festival, it really is looking like the hottest ticket of the year. Make sure that you sort out your flights and accommodation as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed. To guarantee you have the best time, follow this guide and enjoy your fun in the sun!