Taking a Closer Look at the UK’s Best Video Game Festivals

Want to go to an awesome festival without having to sacrifice personal hygiene or sleep in a tent? If you like video gaming, you should hear about the best video gaming festivals across the UK. These events are often more than gaming and include performances, inspiring stories and even tattooing!

1. Summer Game Fest (SGF)

Due to recent world events putting a stop to upcoming gaming festivals, a virtual gaming festival has been organised. Off the back of E3’s cancellation – arguably the most prominent gaming festival where pioneering announcements are made by leading gaming companies – Geoff Keighley has come up with a plan to have an online gaming festival instead. The event will run from May until August 2020 and has retained some of the biggest names meant to appear at E3. EA, Microsoft, Sony, Steam and Activision are all in attendance and tipped to make the big statements during the event.

2. Ensemble

The Ensemble is another long-term gaming festival that will begin its journey online. In 2020, Ensemble will showcase the gaming talents of those from the BAME group (Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic). The idea is to promote the work of these peoples within the gaming industry and inspire more people to think about careers in gaming. Specifically, the showcase will illustrate eight stories from the industry to inspire a new generation of gaming fanatics. Could you be the next big game developer in the music scene? Check out these great music-related slot machine fan-favourites for some added inspiration if you need.

The festival is lasting all year and will begin as a virtual festival, gradually moving into physical locations and studios when able to.

3. Insomnia

Insomnia deserves a big red circle on your gaming calendar. The Birmingham-based gaming festival includes plenty of zones dedicated to different genres of gaming, including retro games to the latest developments in high-spec eGaming. You can also meet gaming influencers in meet-and-greet sessions and play in a vast LAN party, also referred to as BYOC event (the C stands for computer in this case) where over 2,500 gamers play together.

4. EGX

EGX is a massive gaming festival that is much more than just games. It harnesses the whole gaming culture with fancy dress, tattooing on-site and of course plenty of showcases, seminars, speakers and gaming innovation. It takes place at the ExCel in London between the 17th and 20th September this year. They’re even selling a super pass ticket which grants you entry to four full days of gaming excitement and an after-hours event for exclusive ticket holders only!

What About eGaming and eSports Events?

If you want to attend an eGaming event instead of a video gaming festival, there are still plenty of options to choose from around the UK. You can even enjoy these types of gaming competitions in some huge arenas with other fans outside of the UK, not least on the Vegas strip!