Sunny Cyprus Welcomes Beonix Festival Guests: What to Visit on The Island While Waiting For The Event

Sunny Cyprus Welcomes Beonix Festival Guests: What to Visit on The Island While Waiting For The Event 3

At the end of this September, Limassol City will be a host to the Beonix electronic music festival. The sweet anticipation of the event is growing in the air, and those early birds who already have bought or are going to purchase the tickets start planning their trip or vacation. The question here is how to spend time before the beginning of the festival. 

For many people, a challenge here hides in the lack of time and opportunities. However, Limassol is a wonderful place with rich history, unique nature, cozy, pleasant streets, and delicious cuisine, available at any restaurant and street food venue, which definitely makes it worth taking a break from routine life. A person of any welfare can have a fantastic time here as if it is another galaxy where everything is affordable. Let’s start by overlooking the sights and places popular among tourists.

Nature: Rare Landscape Combo

Cyprus is popular among mountains and sea lovers. Its unique nature combines plains and mountainous ground, sea, and forests. Many visitors rent cars and start traveling around the island to see all the breathtaking natural landscapes. However, if you do not plan to explore wild areas, the city can also please you with its green parks and sandy beaches. 

Eucalyptus Grove

The Eucalyptus Grove in Limassol is located near the beach and attracts all holidaymakers with its intense fragrance and beauty. It is a perfect place for long walks, especially after the rain. The air is filled with magical scents, and the river you may see inside the park looks marvelous. Right place for a spiritual and powerful photo session! One of the unique things about it is that it is a park and a beach at the same time.

How to get there: It is located in Dasoudi Park and stretches for 1,5 km. It is better to start its exploration from the KEAN juice factory building. Or use bus #30 to get to Dasaudi Park.

Beaches With Blue Flags

All the Limassol beaches are municipal, which means they are free of charge. An even more curious fact is that some of them were marked with blue flags. Do you know what it means?

All the beaches in Europe are being evaluated according to their conditions. If the beach is clean and safe, and the water is high quality, the place is awarded a blue flag. Limassol has several bathing places marked with that accessory, so tourists don’t have to worry about whether these unknown places are safe for them or their children. One of the closest to the city center is Dasoudi Beach. It has all the necessary equipment that you can rent and convenient, relaxing zones.

How to get there: Order a taxi or use public transport. Since the beach is a desired tourist route, bus #30 will deliver you there.

City Center

Sunny Cyprus Welcomes Beonix Festival Guests: What to Visit on The Island While Waiting For The Event 4

Limassol city center is full of bars, restaurants, and cafes – a true social meссa where everybody meets and communicates while drinking local wine and eating this incredible food. Try any “Kafenions” to taste delicious coffee and see how locals play cards. 

Shopping lovers can devote their free time to visiting their favorite boutiques. For that, go to Anexartisias Street. If you’re lost, don’t hesitate to ask local people who definitely know how to find it. 

How to get there: You can take bus #30A to the Anexartisias bus stop. 

Ancient Legacy

Sunny Cyprus Welcomes Beonix Festival Guests: What to Visit on The Island While Waiting For The Event 5

Limassol was built at the crossroads of two ancient cities – Kourion and Amathus. Archeologists say it was founded before our era. Therefore, during its existence, it survived multiple rulers and conquests. Those days enriched the island with beautiful architecture, cathedrals, and old buildings that attract many tourists today. 

Sunny and picturesque Cyprus has many sights right near Limassol’s center so visitors can walk and observe the place without any haste. The old castle and the market are the two main attractions here.

Old Castle

The ancient castle is one of the most attended places in Limassol. It is called Richard the Lionheart Castle. However, today it is also known as Limassol Castle. If you wish to be adventurous and feel the old times, you certainly should go. One of the romantic things about the place is that King Richard, King of England, and Berengaria, Princess of Navarre, were married in the castle. 

How to get there: Take bus #30, which is already familiar to you. Basically, its route covers the whole shore and conveniently can get you to the main sights.

Oldest Market

Limassol Agora is a hundred years old. It is one of the island’s oldest markets. It was closed for reconstruction and once again was reopened in August 2020. The new market looks like a huge mall with cafes, restaurants, kids’ playground zones, beauty salons, and the actual food market.

How to get there: It is situated in Saripolou Square in the Old City’s center. There is one of the top popular and well-known streets in Limassol – Anexartisias. It is full of brand shops and is widely visited by shopping fans. Go down this street and turn right near the Fasoules shoe shop to Andrea Themistokleous street. Then go straight for a couple of minutes, and you will see the market square.

Convenience of Transportation

Due to hot and sunny weather, many tourists see no problem in walking through the city. If you don’t have much time or patience, it is easy to rent a bike or a car. But remember that a car is absolutely useless if you plan to spend most of the time in the center. It is littered with narrow streets and some pedestrian routes, which are better to be observed on foot and are too small for big modern machines.

Hot September Season

Sunny Cyprus Welcomes Beonix Festival Guests: What to Visit on The Island While Waiting For The Event 6

In the morning, a cup of coffee is available at any cafe to wake you up, and fascinating sights await you almost everywhere. At night, when all the fans meet at the old winery location to repeat and relive celebrations of the last season Beonix event, Limassol will change its looks from light and sunny to dark blue and neon.

This Fall, Limassol will be the center of the international event. Electronic music lovers will gather for the Beonix festival to dance all night long and hear popular DJs, such as Brina Knauss, Jan Blomqvist, Maceo Plex, Black Coffee, and others. The tickets are already available!

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