Reviewed: 7 of the best festival tents for 2018

Reviewed: 7 of the best festival tents for 2018

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So you’ve had your tickets for months now and festival season is right around the corner, but have you got a tent yet? We’ve reviewed the best festival tents for 2018, so if you’re starting to panic, you can still get something decent.

You don’t wanna be stuck with whatever tent you can get from Tesco the night before again, do you?

Tents come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. For a festival, if not for camping generally, you want to cut the number of people a tent says it can sleep in half. You’ll need somewhere to store all that beer, and even without it, a 4-man tent would be extremely cosy with 4 fully grown adults (yes, that’s you now!) sleeping inside it.

For that reason, we’ve excluded anything smaller than a 2-man tent.

We’ve also avoided single-skin tents, such as most pop-up tents or cheap tents found in supermarkets. These tents have only a single layer of fabric between where you sleep and the outside world. Decent tents have two layers with a gap between the two, which prevents water from getting inside.

If it rains, you’ll get very wet in a single-skin tent. All your stuff will get soaked. It’s a festival. It will almost definitely rain, perhaps lots. If you really must take risks, there’s some super cheap single-skin tents at the bottom of the list.

We’ve reviewed some great quality tents at decent value prices, from online stores and high street retailers. Don’t leave buying your tent until the last minute, but if you do, some of the tents below are available to collect from shops such as Argos, or with next day delivery from Amazon Prime.

Oh, and if there’s a few of you going to your next festival, get everyone to chip in, and get a nice tent with somewhere you can sit about on your chairs inside, for when it rains all day.

Best value tent for 2-4 people: Charles Bentley 4 Person 2 Room Tunnel Tent

Best Festival Tents for 2018: Charles Bentley
Image credit: Charles Bentley

This tent from Charles Bentley gives you the essential ‘bit-in-the-middle’ where you can socialise and store stuff, whilst giving you separate sleeping compartments on either side.

You’ll have festival luxury with only two people, with the space and privacy of a bedroom each and a spacious living area. With three or four people, you should still be ok, as you’ve got the big central area to store your (non-valuable!) stuff!

It’s a pretty tried-and-tested design for a budget festival tent. It’s not too hard to build either, just get the poles into the outer shell, hook up the sealed bedroom compartments, and lay out the groundsheet in the living area.

And it only weighs 7.6KG, so taking turns, it’s not too bad for carrying into a festival campsite from the car without a trolley, and it’d be manageable on public transport.

Best value tent for 4-6 people: ProAction 6 Man 2 Room Tent

Best Festival Tents for 2018: ProAction
Image credit: Argos

This tent is an awful lot like the 4-man tent featured above, so if you’ve read what we’ve said about that one, you’re off to a great start.

This is a slightly bigger 6-man tent, with room for three in each bedroom on opposite sides of the living and storage area. There’s doors on both sides, which can be opened out into an awning with included poles.

It’s currently on offer in Argos for £79.99, and if you’ve left it until the last minute, you can check stock in stores near you online and reserve one to pick up immediately.

Best value tent for 6-8 people: Charles Bentley 8 Person Family Tunnel Tent

Best Festival Tents for 2018: Charles Bentley
Image credit: Charles Bentley

This massive tent is nearly seven metres long, so you might want to get there early to make sure you’ve got enough space for it in the festival’s campsite.

It’s basically a giant grey version of the tents featured above, so it’s still pretty simple to set up. It’s over 2 metres high, so plenty of room to stand up inside and get changed.

At just over 12KG, it’s a little heavier than the rest of the tents here. At least there’s more of you to take turns carrying it. We wouldn’t recommend taking this tent anywhere near public transport! But if you’ve got a car, this is probably one of the best tents for festivals going.

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Best inflatable tent: Tresspass 4-man 2 room Air Pump-Up Tent

Best Festival Tents for 2018: Trespass
Image credit: Argos

Yep, really. Inflatable tents are a thing now.

Instead of using fibreglass poles, these tents use inflatable tubes, making them super-quick and easy to get set up.

A hand-pump is included which can inflate the tent in under five minutes. There’s two separate bedrooms either side of a living area, though the living area is slightly smaller than the tents featured above.

They’ve been pretty expensive for a while, being a fairly new innovation, but this year, Argos are selling this one for £99.99.

Really want a cheaper tent?

Ok, so you want a really cheap tent just for you. If you get any heavy rain, it’ll leak, but yeah, you’re willing to take the risk. You’ve read our list of the best festival tents for 2018, but you don’t care, you just wanna know the cheapest festival tents instead.

They’re both listed as 2-man tents, but unless you’re both tiny, they’re only for one person really.

We’ve found the cheapest decent quality small, single-skin tents around. The pop-up tent is slightly more expensive, but totally worth it, as it literally pops into place in about 5 seconds. Just stick some pegs in and you’re done.

The dome tent is even cheaper, and whilst it requires setting up two poles, it’s still tiny, so shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. It even has a two-layer door you can use as a window whilst keeping insects out, and that’s about its only feature. Besides being orange.

These are often sold as ‘festival tents’ and are a common sight amongst the festival campsites, but should perhaps come with a ‘you will get wet’ warning like an Alton Towers ride.

There’s also a pop-up tent with awning available from Argos if you don’t fancy buying online.

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