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Where can you buy biodegradable glitter for festivals?

by Sam Warrenger
Glitter ban

Traditional, non-biodegradable glitter is a microplastic. It’s really bad for the environment and has now been banned from loads of festivals, including Glastonbury. There’s even a petition to ban it nationally.

The festival ban applies to glitter sold on site so security won’t be searching your bags for the stuff, but if you’re bringing your own make sure it’s biodegradable.

Most glitter sold in shops is plastic coated with aluminium and will remain in the fields and environment without breaking down, posing a danger to wildlife.

There’s now some great biodegradable glitter around online. Check out our top picks below.

Moon Glitter Biodegradable Eco Glitter Shakers

Moon Glitter Biodegradable Glitter Shakers

Available as either chunky glitter or fine glitter, these biodegradable glitter sets from Moon Glitter are mostly made from Eucalyptus plants.

The glitter is biodegradable in both marine and soil environments. It’s Compost Home certified and independently tested to conform to the ISO14851 standard for freshwater biodegradability.

It’s also totally cruelty-free, vegan, and hasn’t been tested on animals.

A tube of Moon Glitter Fix Gel is included with each set. The glitter has a silky feel and is much softer on the skin than traditional plastic glitter.

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Etsy Biodegradable Glitter Trio

Etsy Biodegradable Glitter Trio pack

This three-pack of biodegradable glitters is just £3.99 with free delivery from Etsy.

The colours included are Mermaid Blue, Sapphire Blue and Chunky Silver and they’re sold in fully reusable and recyclable pots. The cosmetic glitter is suitable for endless possibilities including “glitter tattoos, body art, nail art, bath bombs, soaps, candle decoration, make up, glitter beards, glitter roots and crafting”.

Buy the set here from HandcraftedGiftsUK on Etsy, with same-day dispatch and fast delivery.

Pic’n’Mix Festival Glitterbug Kit

The Glitterbug Kit from Pic’n’Mix Festival Kit includes five sachets of biodegradable glitter. Every part of the packaging, including the resealable labels, is also biodegradable.

Each is a mix of chunky and fine hexagons, and organic aloe vera fix gel is also included. You’ll also get a bamboo cosmetic brush from So Eco “for easier application and more precise designs”.

The kit costs £19.95 and each colour is available separately for £3.99.

Delivery adds £2.99, but you get free delivery above £20. If you’re buying the full Glitterbug Kit, you’ll save £2 by adding a 99p hair & body wash bar to your order.

Buy the full Glitterbug Kit here.
Individual colours:
Aqua Marine | Champagne Supernova | Fool’s Gold | Pink Flamingo | Pretty Green | Mistletoe & Wine* | Aloe Vera Fix Gel
*not included in kit

Bioglitter PURE from Ronald Britton

Bioglitter PURE

Ronald Britton own the trademark for Bioglitter and have sold their original product since 2014. This did not 100 per cent biodegrade, and now the company has launched a new product certified to meet European Union standards for being microplastic-free.

Their new Bioglitter PURE product supposedly “decomposes like a leaf in the natural environment to leave no trace”, while the brighter original Bioglitter has been rebranded as Bioglitter SPARKLE.

Ronald Britton sell to wholesalers rather than the public. Their approved supplier list includes EcoStardust, and we’ve included a selection of their products below.

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Biodegradable glitter on eBay

Biodegradable glitter on eBay

The cheapest place to get biodegradable glitter is usually eBay. You’ll have to check out the eco-credentials of each supplier yourself and you can find some great bargains if you put the effort in.

You can usually find massive reusable bags for just a few quid and far too many colours to choose from.

Click here to check out what’s on offer.

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