Some of the best festival wellies for 2020

by Sam Warrenger
Wellies walking through festival mud

If you’ve ever not taken wellies to a British festival, you’ve regretted it. You don’t realise how awful mud can be until you experience a festival arena after a rainy afternoon. We’re about to run you through some of the cheapest, coolest, and best festival wellies for 2020. 

I bought wellies from a trader at Download a few years back, after some thunderstorms and when the village was under about a foot of water. They cost me £20, and they were awful. The soles were so thin that it hurt to walk over anything but soft grass. They were falling apart and went straight in the bin after the festival, and it won’t be great for the environment if we all turn up and buy single-use wellies.

The lesson is, go prepared. Spend less on some much better quality wellies before you go and don’t risk buying needing to buy some there. You could even leave them in the car until it rains.

All of the wellies listed below are much higher quality than you’ll generally find on sale at a festival, and most are much cheaper too. We’ve tried to offer a mix of online options and high street stores, so if you need some cheap last-minute wellies, you can find some to pick up today.

Festival traders will often sell out of wellies after a couple days of bad weather, so make sure you aren’t stuck with soggy feet throughout Glasto’ and get some wellies you like beforehand.

Amazon: Dunlop Wellingtons

Dunlop traditional green wellies

Traditional as it gets, these are the wellies you think of when you think about wellies. Rubber on the outside, textile on the inside, standard green (or black!) festival wellies.

Widely stocked in sizes 1 to 13, they’ll have a pair that fits you. 

If you don’t fancy buying from Amazon, most sizes are available in Sports Direct for £10.99, albeit in black.

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Amazon: Dozens of different festival wellies

Floral festval wellies

Look at them. Look how cool they are. That’s not all of them either, this range has dozens of different designs that are equally as mind-blowing.

They’re generally only found online, with a selection available across Amazon and eBay. However, the sizes on offer aren’t great, so if you’re anything above a size 8, you’ll be let down by most of the designs. Check out some of our favourites below, which we think are some of the best wellies for festivals right now.

Mountain Warehouse: Splash Khaki Wellies

Mountain Warehouse black wellies

Another pretty standard take, these high-quality waterproof wellies have a big thick rubber sole, so rocks and stuff won’t hurt your feet. There’s also a cushioned footbed for extra arch and toe comfort. 

These fabric-lined wellies come from Mountain Warehouse, so if you need some good wellies in a hurry you can pick some up from a high street store today.

Packed with features for comfort, they’re probably some of the best festival wellies you can buy this year. And they’re a fiver cheaper than most poor quality wellies cost at festivals. 

They come in size 7 up to size 11, and they’re currently half price at £14.99.

Amazon: Dunlop half-height short wellies

Dunlop Short Festival Wellies

If you’re not too keen on wellies these things might be the answer. You’re taking a chance the water won’t get too deep, but more often than not these will be more than up to the job.

They’re lighter and feel closer to wearing boots than normal wellies. It’ll be easier for your feet to breathe so hopefully they won’t be as sweaty and smelly at the end of the day. They’re also less hassle to take off!

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Decathlon: Solognac Glenarm Wellies

Green / Brown Wellies

These lightweight wellies are a real bargain, coming in at just £8.99 in either deep shale or dark ivy. Translated, that means brown or green. They’re also the cheapest festival wellies we found on the high street.

They also come with a two-year guarantee, so as long as you don’t lose them, you’re sorted. They’re available from sizes 3 to 12.

Decathlon have high street stores, so you can pick some up last minute. Otherwise you can get them online here.

eBay: Womens Wellies for £8.75

Mixed designs of womens festival wellies

Two dozen designs in various sizes, this selection of women’s wellies contains something for everyone. There’s both full height and half height wellies for less than half what you’d pay for wellies at a festival.

Expect a few days wait for the free delivery, or you can pay a couple quid extra for first class if you need them in a hurry.

If you wanna broaden your horizons, there’s a selection of eBay’s bestselling festival wellies below. Have a look around on eBay and you can find some of the weirdest, and the coolest festival wellies around.

Main image credit: Ashton / ( CC BY 2.0 )

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