5 of the best camping chairs for festivals in 2019

by Sam Warrenger
Spectators watching a covers band (Archive) performing on a temporary mobile outdoor stage at the Hatfield Heath Festival 2017, on Hatfield Heath village green, Essex, England.

A chair is an absolute campsite essential. We’ve reviewed some of the cheapest and some of the best camping chairs for festivals this year.

We’ve tried to find the cheapest high street options, so you can pick one up today in a hurry, and avoid paying loads more at a festival.

We’ve also found some great chairs available online, offering a much better chair for less than the price of a basic chair at an event.

Check out the full list below, but first, here’s our top camping chair tips:

Camping chair tips

  • Unless you’re at a really chill festival, make sure you move your camping chair inside your tent when you leave the campsite. It will definitely get stolen otherwise, especially if you’re at Leeds. It helps if you have a decent tent with a living area.
  • If your camping chair gets soaked, stand it upside down. The water will run off and it’ll dry faster.
  • Sitting with one leg over an armrest is comfy, but it’ll reduce the life of your chair.
  • Letting someone sat on your knee will keep you warm but will also reduce the life of your lovely new camping chair.

Argos Steel Folding Camping Chair

First up, Argos, with their aptly named Steel Folding Camping Chair.

It folds up into a nice bag. You’ll probably lose the bag, but try not to, because it makes it loads easier to carry into the festival. Without the bag and shoulder strap, a chair can end up requiring an extra trip to the car just to bring it inside!

Standard camping chair with cup (i.e. can) holder and a carrying bag with strap. That’s all you’re looking for in a festival chair. You could pay £39 for a deluxe, padded, bucket seat if that’s your thing, but don’t, you want something cheap and replaceable.

It’s Argos, so you can check nearby stock online and pick one up in a hurry. You can order for home delivery, if you’d prefer.

Either way, this chair is currently just £7.99 from the Argos website.

Amazon Home Hut Folding Camping Chair

One for home delivery fans, here’s your standard camping chair, in four colours, with Prime delivery.

Pink, purple, blue, and black, all with a carry bag and a cup holder.

As an Amazon Associate TheFestivals earns from qualifying purchases / Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.co.uk, Inc. or its affiliates

Bonus accessory: Clip-on Camping Chair Side Table

Want be to the envy of the campsite? 

These clip-on side tables should fit any of the camping chairs listed above, and are a worthy upgrade. You’ll get two solid cupholders, alongside a safe place for your phone and whatever else you’re holding onto.

This will prevent you dropping everything you’ve left on your lap on the floor every time you stand up.

As an Amazon Associate TheFestivals earns from qualifying purchases / Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.co.uk, Inc. or its affiliates

Winfields Outdoors Highlander Traquair Chair

Another option for a branded budget chair, this Highlander chair from Winfields Outdoors is available in five wonderful colours.

Black, blue, red, orange, and teal.

There are eight Winfield’s stores scattered around the North of the UK, but if you’re not near one, they also do next day delivery.

These colourful chairs are £9.99 each, but a 2 for £17 deal makes them incredibly good value.

Grab a pair now from the Winfields Outdoor website.

Decathlon Quechua Folding Camping Armchair

Exactly like the Argos chair above, but this time it’s a branded product. They even supplied us with that lovely image of a family camping trip making use of their wonderful Quechua chairs.

Are they comfier than the Argos chairs? I don’t know. Possibly.

They’re slightly more expensive at £9.99, and come with a strap for carrying, rather than a bag. They do however still feature a cup or can holder.

Decathlon also let you check stock in local stores and pick up today, or you can order for delivery. Grab one from their official website.

SportsDirect Gelert Camping Chair

Probably the best known camping brand around, these Gelert chairs are the highest quality budget chairs featured, perfect for festivals.

Everyone knows where there nearest SportsDirect store is, so you can pick one up last-minute. They’re also available to buy online.

They may be slightly more expensive at £10.50, but they’re on an awesome 2 for £16 deal at the moment. Go splits with one of your mates and you’ve paid just £8 each for a great quality chair from an established brand. Sorted.

Check them out here on the Sports Direct website.

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