Camping mats: Some of the best roll mats for festivals

by Sam Warrenger
Best Roll Mats for Festivals

A decent roll mat is a festival essential for me. You lose most of your heat through the floor, so whatever sleeping bag you’ve got, a good camping mat will make loads of difference to your temperature. We’ve found some of the best roll mats around for the 2019 festival season.

Air beds suck…

I’ve always preferred roll mats, or camping mats, to air beds, mostly because they’re way less hassle. They’re much easier to carry around, and a lot lighter too.

Air beds also need inflating. It’s unlikely you’ll have access to electricity for a pump, so that’ll take some effort. You’ll then have to re-inflate your air bed each night of the festival, as it’ll lose enough air to get sinky each day.

That’s if it doesn’t pop. They always pop. They can make you pretty seasick too when you’ve been getting messy all day. Plus if you haven’t got a brilliant tent, an air bed can take up the entire tent, pushing at the sides of the tent and letting water in!

So yeah, roll mats are the way to go.

Even the most basic, cheapest roll mat will make a big difference to your body temperature as it insulates you from the ground. It’ll be slightly softer to sleep on too.

Self-inflating roll mats are awesome

That said, if you spend a little more you can get a self-inflating roll mat. These are pretty awesome. They roll up small like any other roll mat, but are filled with a type of foam.

Open the valve and the foam causes them to inflate in seconds. Close the valve back up, and you’ve got a nice inch or two of air cushioning you from the ground below.

The best deals around this summer

We’ve looked at both types of roll mat; standard foam ones and self-inflating ones.

We’ve then found the best prices on either, both for buying online and the high street. If you’ve left things last minute, we’ve found some you can pick up today.

Best roll mats for festivals

Cheapest roll mat: £4.99 Argos Single Camping Mat

Best roll mats for festivals: Cheapest
Image credit: Argos

Coming in as basic as it gets, here’s a rolled-up sheet of blue foam from Argos.

It even comes with two straps to roll it back up. Try not to lose these, though you will. Oh well, you can tie it back up with some string or something.

Cheap and cheerful, but it’ll do the job, and keep you feeling more cheerful than your mates that haven’t bothered bringing anything.

If you’re gonna make a habit of going to festivals, or camping, then it’s probably worth spending a little more for something comfier. 

This will make a big difference to your sleep quality at your next festival, for less than the price of a pint. 

As it’s Argos, you can check stock in nearby stores online and reserve one to pick up today. You can order for home delivery too, if that’s easier.

Either way, for just £4.99 from Argos you can’t go wrong.

Self-inflating roll mats

Argos own brand – £14.99 on sale / £24.99 RRP

Cheapest Self-Inflating Roll Mat Argos
Image credit: Argos

This is the cheapest self-inflating roll mat we can find on the market this summer. They’re all pretty similar, so you won’t get any extra features from a more expensive mat, though you may find a thicker one.

The Argos self-inflating camping mat takes a couple of minutes to fully inflate and can be deflated even faster. It packs away into an included carry bag for storage and transport.

It’s also waterproof, so any unfortunate spills won’t ruin the foam inside. You can simply wipe it clean when you get home.

While Argos have it on sale, it’s just £14.99. It’s normally £25. Decent value for years of warm, comfortable nights at festivals or on camping trips. 

These are loads better, loads comfier, and keep you loads warmer than a standard foam roll mat. They’re also loads easier to carry, and loads less effort, than taking an air bed everywhere. Plus, they won’t make you seasick.

From years of festival experience with air beds, foam roll mats, and the hard, cold ground, the self-inflating roll mat has become my personal choice. I bought mine three years ago and I’ve taken it to every festival ever since.

Personally, I’d recommend sticking with the standard 3.5cm self-inflating roll mat that’s currently £14.99. 

However, if you want to spend your money, Argos also offer 5cm thickness and 7cm thickness versions. They’re probably the best roll mats money can buy.

Best rated self-inflating roll mat: Yellowstone Lichfield Camping Mat

Yellowstone Self Inflating Camping Mat

This is the personal preference I mentioned above, from Yellowstone.

I bought this three years ago and have used it for every festival ever since. There’s not much to separate this from Argos self-inflating roll mat so feel free to take your pick.

Aside from its jet black colour, the other perk this offers over the Argos mat is its reduced weight. That’s it. Get whichever is easiest for you to get or cheapest this week.

It also comes with a carry bag, and unlike the Argos mat moves the valve to directly on one of the corners. This should make it easier to avoid the lumpy valve whilst you’re trying to sleep!

It’s available with Amazon Prime for next day delivery and should also be eligible for free standard delivery.

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