Boundary Brighton 2018 Review, or how I joined a sect of extraterrestrial ravers

 Boundary Brighton 2018 Review, or how I joined a sect of extraterrestrial ravers

I’m not even sure what happened at Boundary this year.

I think the bass may have rewired the neurons in my brain and turned me into a super-powered extraterrestrial, a member of an intergalactic rave squad, putting me on another planet in a different galaxy for just a few hours.

As far as I can recall that’s what I think happened.

Hence, I can be safe in claiming that Boundary put on a fantastic show this year.

The Supercharged Stage was where we ended up spending most of our time, where we blessed by his holy grace Shy FX. Managing to put on an eclectic mix of existential jungle music, followed by a multiform foundation in garage music with rising stars Kurupt FM.

It was at this point when people started appearing halfway up the scaffolding supporting the tent adding to the entertainment.

To the guy I saw dangling upside down from said scaffolding: hats off to you. I must add that while TheFestivals neither endorses nor condones this behaviour, it is kind of funny though.

It was following Kurupt FM’s set that I began to transcend space and time with the sonic rapture of the omniscient messiah of drum and bass: Andy C, who played an earth-shattering set lasting well over two hours.

I could feel the bass running up and down my body from the top of my head to the base of my feet. Drop after incredible drop proceeded well into the night.

All around me smiles were lit up upon people’s faces, hands reaching for the lights and vibrations coursing through people’s bodies. Blessed be the great Andy C, our saviour from the monotony of mundane everyday life.

After a time the crowd at the Supercharged tent began to thin out and I could tell the night was drawing to a close.

Those who had remained for the last few moments gazed on as Andy C’s set finished with every drum ‘n’ bass belter known to ravers. He even threw some of his personal productions, such as his classic Heartbeat Loud and his ethereal remix of Get Free by Major Lazer.

Hearing tales of Boundary’s Arch stage on our return journey, I’m told it was an equally impressive performance, with the likes of Flava D (very poppin’) and Jax Jones (very wobbly).

From what I was told Dj EZ played his usual fast-paced mix of both old and new school garage tracks.

We failed to make it over to the vintage fair but I’m sure that can be an experience for next time.

Perhaps we can even go for a stroll around the charming Stanmer Park, but that will have to wait for Boundary 2019 when I journey back to this strange microcosm that I have discovered.

Thank you for an amazing night one and all.

I’m starting to realize it’s all over; festival season this year.

I’m going to move to another country where there’s more partying to be had.

I’ll be back though. See you in a field very soon. Namaste.


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