Too Many T’s will plant 1,000 trees after hitting crowdfunder target ahead of schedule

 Too Many T’s will plant 1,000 trees after hitting crowdfunder target ahead of schedule

Hip-hop duo Too Many T’s have hit their £2,500 crowdfunding target one day ahead of schedule, securing at least 1,000 oak saplings for the first tree-planting session this Autumn.

Contributors and fans will be invited along for a day of “digging, trees, hip-hop, great food and some drinks”, and to take a direct approach to carbon offsetting. An average reduction of 7.6% Co2 emissions is required every year from 2020-2030 to save the world from climate disaster, and despite a record drop of 4.6% during lockdown, we’re still a long way off.

When TheFestivals interviewed Ross and Leon at the start of the campaign (along with Jessi from Where’s My Tent), they told us how excited they were for the tree planting sessions: “We’ll curate a playlist with our fans, be there, create such an enjoyable day. So if people can have a fun day, and they go away, and they tell their friends, and they look forward to the next planting day, that’s the environment that we wanna create around it, build a community.”

On the first day of planting, the duo want to fill around half a hectare with an initial target of 1,000 trees, and hope to expand with a number of satellite projects spearheaded by fans across the country.

Leon said: “I guess that’s the dream. Hopefully, it can grow and we can have a superfan in different cities around the country and give them the model to set something up in the heart of their hometown.”

In a Facebook post earlier this week, they said: “Thanks to the ridiculous amount of people that donated, we’ll be physically sticking 1,000 trees in the ground this autumn as part of a new 10,000 tree forest we’re planting with Gone West.

“This isn’t just about 10,000 trees, it’s about the climate crisis and us looking at what we can do individually to change the situation and how we can then come together to make big ass impact.

“We’ve been geeking and learnt A LOT this year and will be getting further involved in the future – we are in this for the long haul, we’re not jumping on some eco bandwagon or looking for kudos.

“We’ll still be releasing lots of funky and fun new music this year – for anyone that’s worried that we’d never stop talking about trees! We just want to use our platform to stand for what we believe in as well – so we’re beyond hyped you lot are with us!”

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