AViVA: Global phenomenon with 2 billion streams releases new single ‘Wicked’

by Press Release

LA-based AViVA isn’t letting anything get in her way with releasing music this year despite the ongoing changes we’re seeing around the world. This September she is releasing what she has called her favourite new song, ‘WICKED’. With 2 Billion streams under her belt, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Outsiders is giving her fans something they can rely on during these unreliable times.

‘WICKED’ harks back to some of the lyrics and production we’re used to from her earlier releases ‘BRN’ and ‘Blackout’. It is a dark pop melody with haunting lyrics about what it feels like to be misplaced in the world and carry that mantle throughout your life.

“It’s a wicked world, for this wicked girl” is the main hook which grabs listeners from the start. AViVA is using her music as a platform to share her ideas around creativity, self-expression and identity, and it would seem this song is no exception.

This is what AViVA has to say about her new release: “Dancing around with your inner demons can be fun. Sometimes you can harness that energy and create something great. Sometimes it can take over and we let the darkness rule us. That means different things for different people. I guess ‘WICKED’ is about accepting that reality and making the most of it all. Regardless of what the fake people around you might say is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.”

AViVA has previously touring with Poppy, Yungblud & her own headline shows in Australia & the USA.

Expect much more to come from AViVA as you fall under her spell
and enter her wicked world.

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