The 5 biggest festival styles of 2018

 The 5 biggest festival styles of 2018

A lot of us are looking forward to going to some of the summer’s biggest festivals over the next few weeks and festivals are the place where you can try out some of the summers hottest fashion trends and styles.

It’s time to get colourful and creative and, thankfully, festival fashion has evolved past the standard denim shorts and floral crowns over the last few years.

Here are 5 of the latest festival fashion trends to keep you dancing in style.

Athleisure Wear

Best Festival Styles for 2018: Athleisurewear
Image credit: styleecetera

Athleisure wear is one of this year’s biggest fashion trends and a festival is the perfect time to try out different styles that you might not usually wear.

Swapping your trusty go-to denim shorts with something a little different may be daunting, but trust us, you’ll be thankful for it.

Athleisure wear is more comfortable and lightweight than denim and other traditional festival fashion items, like dungarees, so it’ll dry quicker and you’ll feel much more comfortable with it on.

If you really want to pull off the whole athleisure wear trend, pair your sportswear style shorts with a plain t-shirt and waterproof bomber or windbreaker jacket.

Not only will you be on top of the festival fashion stake, you’ll also be comfortable and dry for when the typical festival weather starts.

Belt Bags

Best Festival Styles of 2018: Belt bags

Carrying a big, bulky backpack around with you can soon get tiring, so swap the straps for this summer’s biggest bag trend – the belt bag.

Big enough to carry all of your festival essentials, but not big or bulky, the belt bag is the perfect festival accessory.

For added peace of mind, choose one with a zip so that you are not at risk of dropping your belongings whilst dancing to your favourite song or a target for pickpockets.

If you want to add a little more style to this look, pair with silver jewellery or a crochet vest.


Best Festival Styles of 2018: Glitter
Image credit: Sven Volkens

The more glitter, the better when it comes to festivals. A key festival staple, glitter is a huge trend this year so however you choose to wear it, you’re sure to be in style.

Whether you prefer chunky glitter makeup or a more refined sparkle on your clothing, it’s what you do with it that counts.

When you’re on the third day of a festival and your hair is in need of a wash, you can’t go wrong with glitter roots to hide the cans of dry shampoo you have used.

Facial glitter is the perfect way to accessorise at a festival, especially when you have tired eyes and skin. Simply add some glitter to your cheekbones, beard or eyes and you’ll be shining all day (and night) long.

Whatever look you decide on, check and see if you’re using a biodegradable glitter – glitter is one of the most environmentally damaging microplastics, so try and do your part!


Best Festival Styles of 2018: Western

After dominating many of the catwalks this season, Western-inspired style is officially in fashion this summer.

If you want to wear this trend to a festival, the easiest way to do so is with a pair of cowboy boots instead of wellies, or a long flowing dress or casual kimono.

Anything that has tassels or studs is also a big trend when it comes to Western style and can be found on almost anything, from bags to belts.

If you’re not a lover of the classic festival staple bucket hat, swap it for a cowboy hat to really finish off your look!

Denim and White Tee Combination

Biggest Festival Styles for 2018: Denim White T-Shirt

Sometimes, classics are always best. If you take anything away from the crowds at Coachella this year, it’s that celebs and models are huge fans of the classic white tee and denim combination.

The simple, yet stylish look is super easy to pull off and won’t take up much room or weigh down your backpack.

Pair this classic combo with matching white accessories, such as sunglasses or the 90s favourite, a white scrunchie. When it comes to choosing footwear, you can’t really go wrong.

Everything goes with this combination, from Dr Martens or a pair of Converse. This is the perfect, and most iconic, festival style trend that can be personalised to suit your style.