This list of cookies used on TheFestivals is an excerpt from our privacy policy, which can be viewed here or is available as a PDF below.

TheFestivals does not use tracking cookies to deliver personalised or targeted advertising.

Below is a list of the cookies that we use. We have tried to ensure this is complete and up to date, but if you think that we have missed a cookie or there is any discrepancy, please let us know.

Strictly necessary

We use the following strictly necessary cookies:

Description of Cookie Purpose
Cloudfare cookies Used by the content delivery network for embedded third-party content to identify trusted web traffic
SHR_CACHE_#; SHR:***************** HTML5 Local Storage functionality
Third party cookies from embedded content providers When rich content such as embedded videos from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Youtube are viewed, cookies from these services will be used to deliver the content. Additional explicit content will be obtained by the service prior to visiting TheFestivals or before the content is played.


We use the following analytical/performance cookies:

Description of Cookie Purpose
SESS# Preserve users state across page requests when retrieving updated article reddit share counts
SHR_ID Contains a visitor ID used to track visitor navigation on the website for internal website optimisation
_ga, _gad, _gid, Google Analytics Cookies Used by Google Analytics to register a unique ID to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website and throttle request rates.
onesignal-pageview-count Used to monitor traffic that arrives at the website from push notifications


We use the following functionality cookies:

Description of Cookie Purpose
ONE_SIGNAL_SDK_DB#Options Used to retain user preferences regarding push notifications