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EARTH GARDEN – A music haven in the centre of the Mediterranean

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Kick start your festival season in Malta! FUN…SUN…EARTH GARDEN…THE ALTERNATIVE FESTIVAL! Earth Garden is Malta’s largest Alternative Festival held annually at the National Park since 2007, attracting over 25,000 true music lovers from around the World, spread over 4 days.

Since its inception, this friendly and inclusive homegrown festival has gone a long way becoming by far Malta’s largest alternative festival and gaining the reputation of being one of the top music festivals in Europe! Considered by many true connoisseurs as a music haven, this festival has something to offer to anyone who’s into alternative music!

It features 5 music areas and around 120 acts from around the World with an eclectic music fusion of World Music, Ska, Funk, Blues, Reggae, Alternative Rock, Dub, Hip-Hop, Psychedelic Trance, Techno, House, Electro, Drum ‘n’ Bass and more. 

Some artists announced to date

Prince Fatty & Horseman, Atmos, Gypsy Hill, Billy Nasty, Tippa Irie, Benny Page, Yaaba Funk, Dan Shake, The Carny Villains, Onipa, Adam Ben Ezra, Ondubground, Lucy, Terra Livre, Matrixxman, Kumbia Boruka, Hypnocoustics, Airtist, Heavy Lemo, Roots Raid, Alexsoph, Art-X and Johnny be good.

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Earth Garden is not all about music. Beyond the sonic wonders, you’ll also find an extensive programme of workshops and talks covering general well being, natural remedies, spirituality, yoga, etc… Furthermore, it also offers 2 naturally shaded campsites, an Ethnic Market, a Fun Park, and an International Food Court with an impressive selection of tasty World cuisine dishes.

Last but not least, retaining its’ Green footprint, Earth Garden is a pioneer in spreading public awareness on environmental matters and waste management. In fact, many festivals in Malta are using Earth Garden’s methods of waste management as a leading example. Celebrate music, diversity and life at Earth Garden Festival – The Alternative Festival!


The mighty Roots Stage is the largest stage, located in the centre of the festival and is open throughout the 4-days!

It features around 25 live acts with around 120 participating musicians from around the World playing various uplifting styles including World Music, Swing, Ska, Reggae, Dub, Hip-Hop, Beat Box, Blues, Alternative Rock and a touch of Disco!


  • Tippa Irie (U.K)
  • Adam Ben Ezra (Israel)
  • The Carny Villains (U.K)
  • Kumbia Boruka (Mexico)
  • Prince Fatty & Horseman (U.K)
  • Terra Livre (Portugal)
  • Onipa (U.K & Africa)
  • Ondubground (France)
  • Gypsy Hill (U.K)

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Expect the unexpected! Just a stone throw away from the Festive Grove campsite and the Ethnic Market, is the oldest and most loved area. Prepare to be spellbound with the music and vibe this area has to offer; from live afternoon sessions to evening events featuring local and international acts and DJ’s ranging from World Music, Reggae, Dub, Ska, Hip-Hop, Funk, and some unusual but interesting Electronic Music.


  • ODG Prod, Art-X & Roots Raid (France)
  • Yaaba Funk DJ Set (U.K & Africa)
  • Tupimambo (Terrakota – Portugal)
  • Johhny Be Good (Gentleman’s Dub Club – U.K)
  • Airtist (Austria & Hungary)
  • Heavy Lemo (U.K)

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The Electronic Sphere will host 2 Techno events and the most anticipated Psy-Trance event of the year in Malta, hosted by some of the best Electronic music Promoters in Malta and headlined by international guests artists, warmed up and supported by the best Techno & Psy-Trance artists in Malta.


  • Matrixxman (U.S)
  • Atmos (Sweden)
  • Lucy (Italy)
  • Hypnocoustics (U.K)
  • Alexsoph (Germany)

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Strawberry Hill Earth Garden


Strawberry Hill keeps getting groovier and more popular year after year. This year, this area will host three great events featuring Electro, Drum & Bass & Funky House. headlined by three U.K masters and supported by some seriously talented local and experienced artists.


  • Billy Nasty (U.K)
  • Benny Page (U.K)
  • Dan Shake (U.K)

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Hosted by Music Playground, our Jamming area is considered by many as one of the most interesting and well organised at European Festivals.

Located in the shade under the trees, this area offers both organised and improvised Jamming sessions involving music passionates and both local & foreign professionals working together as a family to create some seriously good music and a truly amazing atmosphere.

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Other areas

  • Healing Fields
  • Ethnic Market
  • International Food Court
  • Camp Sites
  • Fun Park

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