Flu World Order_: The immersive Badcore Horns livestream from the future reaching you tonight

 Flu World Order_: The immersive Badcore Horns livestream from the future reaching you tonight

Futuristic drum’n’brass trio Badcore Horns will bring a ‘complete performance emulation’ live stream to us tonight, having “constructed a new kind of space/time transmission” to transmit from their quarantine in the year 2279.

In collaboration with Continental Drifts, Badcore Horns present ‘Flu World Order’, promising festival favourites with a totally immersive experience. Unlike the remote gigs where the band members look like they’re in a Zoom meeting, this 35-minute set will use green screen technology to appear as though they’re all in the same place playing together, in 2279, of course.

The setlist is what they would have played at The Great Escape festival last weekend, had it not been cancelled, of course. It’s still hard to believe festival season would usually be well underway by now, and it was set to be the biggest summer yet for Badcore Horns, with slots booked at the likes of Boomtown Fair, Kendal Calling and Glastonbury.

Si, on the trumpet, and Dan, on the sax, you might recognise from Oh My God It’s The Church! where they go by the names Sodomy Simon and Danny the Sax Offender. On the drums is new addition Mike, who joined early on this year. Badcore Horns have played support for another other-worldly group in the shape of Henge and already have an appearance on the main stage of Glastonbury’s Shangri-La area (otherwise known as the ‘naughty corner’) under their belt.

Badcore Horns
Badcore Horns at Glastonbury’s Shangri-La

Si tells me they’re hoping it’ll be so good it could give some viewers the impression the trio had “broken quarantine” to play together, explaining each of them had kitted their homes out with green screens and the equipment required to record their own parts of the set individually.

From there, it was down to drummer Mike, who put in 500 hours of work over the last six weeks bringing the finished ‘transmission’ together. It’s been a new experience for all three of them, and they’ll now come out of lockdown with both the skills and equipment to carry on constructing “new realities where we can all meet to party”.

After the main set, Badcore Horns will host a Zoom Q&A, followed by an hour’s live set from DJ Chris Tofu. The Zoom event will run through both the Q&A and the DJ set so you can show off your dance moves virtually.

For more information, check out the official Facebook event page here and mark yourself as attending to get a notified when things get underway. The transmission will go out on the Badcore Horns page, with pages set to host watch parties including Shambala Festival and HENGE.

Event schedule

Friday 22nd May

20:00-20:35: Flu World Order_ | Exclusive Badcore Horns performance from 2279
Facebook Live

20:40-21:00: Talk and Q&A with Badcore Horns

21:00-22:00: DJ Chris Tofu set live from his house

Click here to attend and access the livestream.

Badcore Horns in session

Check out an energising ten-minute video of the Badcore Horns in action below:

Track 1 – Oculus Riff
Track 2 – Rage Quit
Track 3 – Get Busy (Sean Paul Cover) [Arranged by Too Many Zooz]