Free Festival Tickets Finder

Looking for free festival tickets?

This awesome tool will find free festival tickets, for a festival of your choice.

Among many others, you can find free tickets for Leeds, Reading, Download, Boomtown, and Creamfields.

Simply select the festival you’re interested in from the drop-down menu, then hit ‘find me free tickets’ to view all the free entry options available for that event!

Free Festival Tickets Finder


What’s the catch?

This tool will display the various options available for free entry to each festival. In most cases, this will require some kind of volunteering work during the festival, typically requiring anything from 8 – 24 hours of volunteering over the weekend.

If you don’t fancy volunteering, many festivals run ambassador schemes, rewarding you with a free ticket for getting 4-8 friends to purchase tickets through you.

Volunteering roles are offered by several companies and organisations, including Oxfam, Hotbox Events, MyCause, and FESTAFF. This tool will show you which organisations offer places at each festival, and provide you with the application form to confirm your place today.