Get a free Nokia for festivals – just buy a £10 top-up

 Get a free Nokia for festivals – just buy a £10 top-up

If you don’t fancy taking your expensive smartphone to Glastonbury next week, a free Nokia 105 might be what you need. The battery even lasts for a whole month between charges!

The phone comes free when you buy a £10 EE top-up from Carphone Warehouse. There’s no apps, camera or internet so that £10 credit should be more than enough to find your friends around Pilton for five days.

Nokia 105 blue black

It’s pretty much just calls, texts, FM radio and a flashlight, so there’s not much to play with. That’s ideal for a festival because Nokia reckon the battery lasts 30 days on standby, or for 14 hours of calls. There’s no reason to think of it as single-use either; it’ll probably outlast your next few smartphones and you’ll be taking it to festivals for years.

You can keep your smartphone going throughout a festival with a decent power bank, but if you’d rather leave it at home you’ll need a cheap festival phone to keep track of your mates. Leaving your uninsured smartphone in Glastonbury’s free lock-ups while you squint at the Nokia on your late-night trip to Shangri-La might be one of the best decisions you make all weekend.

The Nokia 105 is available from Carphone Warehouse’s website with free next day delivery, or you can check stock in local stores. You’ll just need to pay £10 to top-up the EE sim card included. If you’re already a pay-as-you-go customer, try using the upgrade function on the page and you might get an even better deal.

It’s part of a ‘free phone when you top up £10’ promotion which also includes the Alcatel 10.66. This adds a very basic camera but cuts the battery life to just 12 days on standby.

Fancy a slight upgrade? For an extra fiver, the Nokia 130 boasts the same month of standby battery life but adds an MP3 player and basic camera. There’s 8GB of storage and a microSD memory card slot.

Not keen on EE or Carphone Warehouse? You can get the same phone on Vodafone for £7.49 at Argos (plus a £10 top-up).

Rather keep using your own phone number and minutes? You can buy the phones unlocked from Amazon and put the sim card from your smartphone in there.

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