Go Bananas at Brighton’s Boundary Festival

 Go Bananas at Brighton’s Boundary Festival

This year’s festival season for some is probably but a hazy hallucination from a distant past. Did I really do that!?

If you’re like me then you’re probably already back at the grindstone dreaming of next summer.

Wait what’s that? It’s not over yet? There’s one last chance to jump around like a lunatic?

Well for those of you who are lucky enough to live in the South-East, Boundary Festival is coming up on the 29th of September, back for its third instalment.

It normally takes me a lot of persuading to sod off work but a phenomenal line-up of garage, house and drum and bass DJs has me sold.

Boundary takes place in the idyllic Sussex countryside at Stamner Park.

But for those of us who aren’t there to survey the rural surroundings or drink tea in the village cafe there are other options.

Three options to be exact as Boundary has three stages.

The Poppin ‘Arch’ stage is hosting garage legend Dj EZ, but if that’s not energetic enough for you, the ‘supercharged’ stage is offering Andy C. I missed his set at Boomtown so this is where you will likely find me.

Not only have Boundary booked these legends they are also hosting the almighty Flava D,  the ravin’ Gorgon city and the skankin’ Shy FX to name but a few.

Trust me, the line-up is mental! Go see for yourself. It’s a must for any true ravers.

Due to its close proximity to Brighton, once the craziness is over you can even hop on the shuttle bus service and keep on partying until the early hours.

For those of you attending Sussex and Brighton Universities, this is where you need to be if you like to party.

So sod off the freshers antics and come lose some marbles. Quite a few of them I imagine. I’m not sure if Boundary will return them but who cares?

If you need a break make sure to check out the vintage fair and delicious local food.

I’m told there will be ‘other unexpected treats’ so who knows what will happen?

Will I transcend space and time and return to the beginning of summer? Yes please.

Probably wishful thinking.

See you in a field somewhere soon.