Interview: SaSaSaS at Birmingham’s MADE Festival

 Interview: SaSaSaS at Birmingham’s MADE Festival

Drum and bass super-group SaSaSaS are hitting it big this summer with a packed international schedule. Comprised of some of the scenes top DJs and MCs, a group of mates that bring a trademark energy to each of their shows.

Harry Shotta, Skibadee, Shabba D, Phantasy, and Macky Gee met up with Ana from TheFestivals at Birmingham’s MADE Festival earlier this summer.

Harry Shotta told us of fans that try to talk in his ears whilst he’s MC’ing, whilst Shabba D claims to love his stalkers.

Check out TheFestivals full interview with SaSaSaS below.

SaSaSaS Interview at MADE Festival with Harry Shotta

Ana: So how did SaSaSaS get started? How did you guys meet, and what inspired you to do what you do?

Skibadee: We all had individual journeys.

Harry Shotta: To be honest, no-one influenced us. There was no influence, it just happened.

Skibadee: Not for the group thing, it just happpened, it was our idea.

Ana: So it just happened?

Skibadee: Basically, for the group thing, it was an event that we were doing and we wanted to have a special set for the event. The set went so well that we just started getting calls in the weeks after, and it just kinda went from there. It really wasn’t planned.

Harry Shotta: To be honest I gotta big-up Grant from One Nation because he saw the hype on the little set we did and put us on at WestFest, and that was when everyone’s ears started pricking up and thinking “this is big!”

He was the first one to really jump on it, and then everyone else jumped on it.

Skibadee: Big up Grant

Phantasy: He’s actually here, did you see him on the way in? Grant’s working on MADE Festival.

Shabba D: We had a natural, like, a natural vibe about us as well. It’s sorta like we were good together from the first moment.

Ana: Do you guys ever get people recognising you walking down the road?

Phantasy gestures at Macky Gee

Phantasy: This one here gets recognised everywhere, it’s ridiculous.

Macky Gee: Yeah, like loads of old people.

Phantasy: Yeah but, old and new!

Skibadee: He’s been getting recognised everywhere since Teenwolf!

Phantasy: *performs an air drum solo* “That’s a private joke there!”

Ana: You perform in Birmingham all the time; all my friends are crazy about you. Do you have any annoying fans?

Harry Shotta: Let me say something yeah: the fans are never annoying. We love the fans. If they like our music and they support us, they’re not annoying to us. We take photos, we talk to them, everything else.

But one thing I will say is when we’re MC’ing on the set, don’t talk to us then because we’ve gotta concentrate on what we’re doing.

Some people try and come up and try and talk in your ear when you’re MC’ing. That’s a violation, don’t do that.

SaSaSaS at MADE Festival - Harry Shotta fans

Ana: I don’t know how you guys do it.

Shabba D: I get a couple of stalkers, but yeah, big em up, I love em!

Ana: Have you got any more festivals planned?

Skibadee: Loads, loadsa festivals.

Harry Shotta: Creamfields, Let It Roll, SW4, Outlook over in Croatia, big one in Germany, there’s one in Tenerife.

Ana: So will you be at the MADE Festival afterparty?

Phantasy: Nah we’re going to Blackpool now, to another festival.

Macky Gee: We’re actually doing a pantomime! It’s behind you…

Harry Shotta: Yeah we’re gonna do a pantomime on stage at Pierjam. SaSaSaS pantomimes!

SaSaSaS return to Birmingham this October at ‘Made for the Weekend,’ a brand new MADE Festival project at the city’s Genting Arena.

Tickets are available below through the Made for the Weekend Skiddle page.

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