The best dressed fans at MADE Festival 2019

 The best dressed fans at MADE Festival 2019

MADE Festival 2019 was an absolute pleasure! From seeing outstanding acts such as Andy C, Ocean Wisdom, Chase and Status, Roman Candles and Lethal Bizzle how could I possibly complain?

Ah, the weather! “Classic UK festival weather” is what me and my pals called it. 18 degrees, yet raining as though it were winter! Typical, it was sunny all week.  The weather was never going to stop us or anyone else having a fantastic time though! It for sure didn’t stop these girls…

MADE Festival Best Dressed Pink Matching Girls

From matching outfits to matching nails, these girls really went all out for MADE! I kept seeing the brave pair skanking all over the place (they even had dance routines), I just knew I needed to get a photo. Their shoes even light up in the dark! Bravo girls you look amazing.

This lovely duo caught my eye with their matching bucket hats! They made pastel look groovy and gave me Powerpuff Girl vibes. Blossom and Buttercup on tour! Where is Bubbles?


I wonder how many people tried to act natural around you guys after a few bevs. Loving the originality! You guys really stood out of the crowd with these costumes.

MADE Festival Best Dressed Neon

Let’s just say, you would not lose one another wearing these bright colours! You three were the brunette barbies of MADE 2019. How did you keep your hair so perfect in the rain? Mine was soooo knotty.

MADE Festival Best Dressed Dinosaurs

OMG look at how adorable these pair looked! They even had hilarious names for their inflatable (I mean pet…)  dinosaurs. I wonder if they got tyrannosaurus wrecked… Okay, I’ll stop. For real though guys the matching shorts and skirts are delightful.

Overall, MADE 2019 was full of colourful and exquisite styles and costumes. Everyone was putting in their best efforts even though the weather was not the greatest. Again, proof that festivals are the most thrilling places to be during the summer. The atmosphere was incredible and I can not wait for the rest of the festivals coming my way.

Make sure to get yourself to MADE 2020. Who knows? You might be featured next time!

Featured image credit: MADE Festival