Under 100 tickets left for Noisily this weekend

 Under 100 tickets left for Noisily this weekend

The electronic music festival, which has been described as the best in the UK, is close to selling out, with potential ticket buyers being notified that less than one hundred tickets remain.

This comes after the event sold out of campervan plots last week, as Noisily’s reputation continues to grow, and thousands of people prepare to journey towards the Coney Woods in Leicestershire.

However, the festival does far more than its competitors to deal with its environmental consequences, managing to reduce unrecyclable festival waste for the last two years to less than 100 kilograms. The method used to accomplish this was a mass assault on one use plastic, with bottles, cutlery and crockery required to be reusable, with only the security team and the artists being allowed single-use plastic. This is planned to change in 2019, with a water team expected to support stationary crew and artists.

In addition to this, Noisily are again putting a carbon tax on travel to the festival, as part of an initiative shared by Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Kendal Calling and Boomtown. The not-for-profit Energy Revolution movement hopes to account for ten million miles of UK festival travel in carbon offsetting across hundreds of events this year.

Chemical harm is also considered, with what could be considered to be odd bans; those on various cosmetics and washing up liquids containing either parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate. These chemicals are thought to have a serious impact on the local environment of the woods.

The festival organisers have also asked attendees to bring exclusively biodegradable glitter, as another small step towards reducing the festival’s environmental impact to zero. Noisily’s environmental policies can be summed up with the English proverb: “Large streams from little fountains flow, tall trees from little acorns grow.”