Pits n Bits Filthy Festival Wash Kit

Product spotlight: Pits & Bits Filthy Festival Wash Kit

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Pits & Bits have come to the festival market with a festival kit that’s an innovative alternative to washing with baby wipes. There’s plenty of options available, but it’s usually sold in a kit with body wash, shampoo and expandable wipes.

Instead of walking miles to queue up for a festival shower or making a mess of your tent with baby wipes, you just rub some of the Pits & Bits liquid into your hair or skin.

This lifts the dirt, grease and mud and forms a solution. You then just wipe it away, transferring all the dirt onto a towel or one of the included expandable wipes.

Unlike hand sanitisers and dry shampoo, this stuff doesn’t leave any residue on your body. The powder from dry shampoo tends to build up in your hair if you use it a few times without a ‘proper’ shower.

Pits & Bits comes from Waterless Limited and uses their ‘Towel Off Technology’, which has a pretty serious track record. The same company supplies the NHS with Nilaqua brand products, which use the same Towel Off tech to help nurses wash patients with difficulty bathing.

It’s even recommended by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and MS societies as well as The Disabled Living Foundation, so don’t let the jovial ‘Pits & Bits’ branding fool you, the technology is serious stuff.

Pits & Bits brings this Towel Off system into a product designed for use outdoors, so unlike baby wipes, it will actually make you clean and not smelly if you spend a minute or two washing with it in your tent. There’s even an antibacterial version available.

If my explantion of how it works didn’t make sense, check out this video

Pits & Bits claims to be better for the environment than the pile of waste left from a ‘baby wipe shower’. Even biodegradable wipes can require specialist treatment at a specific temperature to actually biodegrade.

The actual liquids are alcohol and paraben free and the expandable wipes are made from natural Rayon, said to be reusable and chemical free. It’s all totally free of any animal derivatives too, and Pits & Bits claim to be vegan friendly.

The bottles are made from the most widely recycled plastic around, HDPE, so make sure you remember to stick it in a recycling bin once you’re done! You’ll get plenty of washes from each bottle, so they’re not single-use in the same sense as baby wipes would be.

The antibacterial stuff is unscented, but the standard stuff a light soapy smell, plus they have apple and coconut editions. It’s not a strong scent as Pits & Bits gets rid of smelly smells when it lifts away dirt rather than just masking them as you would spraying on more deodorant.

Pits & Bits say they are campaigning for festivals to provide more recycling points this year. They claim the environmental benefits of their products include eradicating the need for generators powering shower blocks and potentially saving hundreds of thousands of litres of water.

Unlike Glastonbury, many festivals don’t have a mains water supply, so water is brought in via huge tankers at an increased environmental cost.

The Pits & Bits range is available online and from loads of specialist outdoor and sports shops, including Go Outdoors. It’s not widely available in supermarkets but is sold by Amazon, as well as via a number of Amazon Prime marketplace resellers.

All the packs in the range cost less than a weekend shower pass would typically cost you at a festival. Some still provide free showers, but expect a long walk and a queue!

We look at a couple of the options below.

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The Pits & Bits range

Filthy Festival Wash Kit

The standard Pits & Bits kit that should be more than enough for any festival, even the full five nights of Glastonbury!

You’ll get a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of body wash, and eight expandable wipes, so you won’t even need to remember to bring your own towel.

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Quad Pack with Antibacterial, Coconut and Apple

This pack includes two bottles of shampoo and two bottles of body wash, but no wipes.

You’ll get coconut and apple shampoo, alongside both the standard and unscented, antibacterial body wash.

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Camper Pack (large bottles)

The camper pack gives you a bottle each of the standard Pits & Bits shampoo and body wash, but this time they’re larger 200ml bottles.

If you’ve got a few festivals planned or if you’re planning to share, this might be a good idea.

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