Shambala bans milk from being used in hot drinks sold on site

by Sam Warrenger
Shambala stage

Shambala has banned traders from selling hot drinks made with cow’s milk at this summers festival.

Dairy-free, plant-based alternatives will be used instead, made from oats, coconuts, soy or hemp.

Shambala became completely free of meat and fish in 2016, though said they “are not a vegan festival”. Eggs, organic cheese and some other dairy ingredients will still be available.

The changes are part of the festival’s “ongoing journey to see how small dietary changes can make a big difference when done on a large scale”.

“The evidence is overwhelming that reducing your meat and fish intake is one of the very best things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and ecological damage.

“The cow plays a real starring role when it comes to agricultural emissions, so swapping cows milk for plant-based alternatives is a simple and small step we can take to reduce our impact. “

The milk alternatives available have been chosen for their sustainability, dependent on crop type, supply chain, travel miles and individual brand ethics. This has ruled out rice and almond milk, which didn’t meet the festival’s standards.

Cows methane emissions
Cows are responsible for up to 30% of the UK’s methane emissions

Shambala claim that oat milk is the best choice for sustainability when in the UK, and that “it’s properly creamy in a coffee”.

Organisers said: “We are not saying that we think you should be 100% plant-based. We are saying that we absolutely believe that a more responsible diet contains far fewer animal products than we have become used to, and that the poor old dairy cow is a significant source of environmental impact.

“We dearly hope that Shambala provides an opportunity to explore often complex issues, break bad habits and get inspired to make changes that are good for health, happiness and planet.”

They added: “Also, quite frankly if it pisses off Piers Morgan, we’re game.”

Standard tickets for Shambala sold out back in January, setting a record for the 15,000 capacity Northamptonshire festival. Coach and cycling package tickets remain available.

Places are still available to volunteer at Shambala with Oxfam.

Image credit: Lindsay Melbourne

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