Coronavirus: Sold out Shambala tells ticket holders it’s still going ahead

 Coronavirus: Sold out Shambala tells ticket holders it’s still going ahead

Organisers of Shambala have issued on update in response to the coronavirus outbreak, which has seen other festivals forced to postpone or cancel.

With Shambala’s 20th-anniversary event set for the bank holiday weekend at the end of August, organisers are hopeful it can still go ahead as planned.

Should the situation mean Shambala are later forced to cancel, those who managed to get tickets before they sold out in record time will have the option of keeping their ticket for next year or a full refund.

The full statement, as posted on their website, reads: “Hello, wonderful humans of Shambala. Firstly, we want to send everybody our solidarity and love at what is a truly bewildering time. While we may all be apart, the need for community, kindness and connection has never been greater. 

“This is an unprecedented situation for the festival and events industry (and the world at large) so we have taken some time to review information and advice and to watch how things have developed, before making any public statements.

“The first thing to note is that Shambala takes place right at the end of the Summer, still over 5 months away. Current suggestions are that the situation with COVID-19 may have run its course by the time we hope to open our gates, so as it currently stands we are working under the assumption that Shambala 2020 will go ahead on the August bank holiday weekend.

“Whilst the current situation is brand new, we’ve been putting Shambala on for 20 years and have weathered many storms (both figurative and literal) in this time. With decades of experience under our belts, we know nothing is more important than looking after all of you. Your health and wellbeing of is paramount importance. 

“With this in mind, should government advice mean we find ourselves in an unavoidable situation whereby we are unable to proceed with this year’s event, we can confirm that you will be able to claim a refund on your ticket(s). Should this situation ever arise, all customers would be notified by email and given 8 weeks to claim a full refund (less booking fees). 

“There will also be the opportunity for you to NOT lose your tickets and carry them over to the next edition of Shambala. For those who are happy to support us in this way and guarantee their spot for the next festival, no action is needed – it will happen automatically if you do not claim a refund within the 8 week period that would follow a postponement announcement.

“As you can imagine, we’re all keeping a very keen eye on the whole situation and are in close contact with national health authorities and the Government. We will always act on their advice when it comes to the welfare of the Shambala family – our audience, crew and artists. 

“We do of course appreciate that the whole situation is very fluid and that public health advice can change quickly – should the situation change, we will adapt accordingly, and pledge to keep our audience informed of any changes that could affect them. 

“We do truly hope to see you for a very special, 20th birthday celebration at the end of August.

“Over the coming weeks, we’ll be using our various media platforms to spread positivity – be it through live-streamed activities, tips on managing anxiety or practical advice on how you can best help your communities, so keep an eye out. 

“Sending solidarity and love to all – now go wash yer hands.

“Team Shambala xx

Image credits: Ania Shrimpton / Shambala PR
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