Some of the ways TheFestivals is funded

 Some of the ways TheFestivals is funded

As part of our transparency report, we’ll be going into detail about a few of the ways this website is funded. First and foremost, all paid content and advertisements will always be clearly marked as such and we’ll always make a clear disclosure when affiliate links are used in our articles. These are links for which we may earn a commission if a purchase is made by a user who has clicked the linked from this website. These links are inserted independently of the content creation process and our editorial output is never influenced by these.

Display advertising

Google Adsense

At the moment, our display advertising is exclusively through Google Adsense, and you may see personalised ads depending on your GDPR preferences. We’ve previously used other ad networks but have settled on Adsense, mostly for user experience reasons. We’ve implemented lazy loading on all of these ad units, so they’ll only load as you scroll towards them and won’t hold up the initial loading of the page.

On mobile devices, we’re using Google’s Auto-ads to show one small pinned ad unit at the top of the page as you scroll, and we’ve made efforts to ensure only a small percentage of the user’s screen is taken up by advertising at any one time. We limit the number of ad units displayed on each page and also disable display advertising on a per-article basis, which allows us extra flexibility with custom or sponsored content, and also allows us to ensure we don’t earn advertising revenue from sensitive topics.

Sponsored posts

Get Blogged

Get Blogged is one network we use to source sponsored blog posts, which are offered as given opportunities for specific posts (like this one!) or from a marketplace where paid blogging content creators can pitch direct to potential advertisers. They have a super-friendly user interface that handles the whole process for you and their platform ensures you’ll always get paid for the work you’ve done.

Affiliate advertising

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When we recommend products in things like our Glastonbury packing list or our best power banks guide, we’ll earn a commission if you make a purchase through some of the links in those articles. It depends on the retailer and if we have an agreement with them, and we include lots of products where we don’t earn a commission as we either lack an agreement, or we’re recommending something from a high-street store.

We have affiliate agreements in place for retailers like Amazon, Argos and Sports Direct, as well as for items on eBay.

We also earn commission on the sale of festival tickets (and other tickets) when they’re purchased through links on this website. Again, this depends on the ticket agent and if we have an agreement with them. We earn money from agents including Ticketmaster, Seetickets, Festicket and Gigantic but we don’t earn anything from others including The Ticket Sellers and Eventbrite. This doesn’t affect how much news coverage we give to each event and, coincidentally, we don’t earn from ticket sales from the festivals we cover the most, such as Glastonbury, which is excluded from the Seetickets affiliate scheme.