Boomtown 2019 tickets will go on sale within weeks

 Boomtown 2019 tickets will go on sale within weeks

Downtown in Metropolis
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Boomtown Fair organisers have confirmed when tickets for ‘Chapter 11: A Radical City’ will be released.

After a phenomenal Boomtown Chapter 10 last month, which sold out way back in February, thousands of fans are likely to secure their tickets within hours of them going on sale.

It’s now been confirmed in official social media posts that Boomtown 2019 tickets will go on sale at 7pm on Thursday 1st November 2018.

To combat fraud and touting, Boomtown tickets are non-transferrable. To access the festival, the name on the ticket must match your ID at the gate.

If for some reason, you do want to sell your ticket, you can return them to the festival officially for a full refund.

This year, Boomtown held a ticket resale a few months before the festival, just like Glastonbury do every year. 

So if you don’t manage to secure a ticket before they sell out, don’t be tempted by touts, as you’ll likely have another chance to secure Boomtown 2019 tickets nearer the event.

Boomtown 2019 tickets: Sector 6
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Boomtown applied for a capacity expansion ahead of this year’s festival, but later withdrew their application after concerns were raised.

The proposed expansion would have taken the capacity to 80,000 ticket holders, plus crew and artists. Currently at 60,000, Boomtown Fair is already one of the biggest festivals in the country.

It remains to be seen if organisers will again apply to increase the capacity ahead of Boomtown Chapter 11, but improvements put in place at Chapter 10 should allay many of the local authority’s fears.

Spreading arrivals over an extra day with the addition of Wednesday opening, alongside a focus on sustainable transport, should quell concerns over transport and queues at the gates.

At 2017’s Boomtown Chapter 9, it was reported that fans spent up to 8 hours queuing to enter the festival. Some complained of safety issues after being stuck in the searing summer heat with no access to water.

However, despite selling out it’s 60,000 capacity, improvements made at Boomtown Chapter 10 were a resounding success.

Organisers ensured there were minimal arrival queues throughout the event, and perhaps raises the possibility of a future expansion request being granted.