50 of the best-dressed citizens from Boomtown 2018

 50 of the best-dressed citizens from Boomtown 2018

It’s now less than a month until Boomtown Chapter 11 gets underway – and you’ve got roughly 28 days to organise your outfits!

Now, if you’re anything like my pals you’ll bring one set of clothes and loo roll… but dressing up is all part of the fun when immersed in ‘The Radical City’ that is Boomtown Fair!

It’s a place where weird doesn’t exist so why not get inspired by the following looks?

You’ll notice that these guys didn’t match their outfits – why bother when you can buy some elf ears and look the part? Eaaaasy.

After all, with great power, comes great irresponsibility...

and if that doesn’t do it for you, veg it up like these guys:

Or get creative like these lovely ladies. Whoever you are, YOU LOOK ADORABLE!

But the best matching outfit has to be… *drum roll pls*

Talk about relationship goals!

And what’s not to love about these guys, repping the one and only – Grandma’s Living Room – be sure to check out the Old Town venue when venturing the higher ground of Boomtown.

Whilst this kinky duo aren’t aiming for anything too serious, at least their necklaces match!

No caption needed #fakeittillyoumakeit #bestbangers

Call it getting physical or a failed attempt of an American teen movie – I see that water in your hand!

And if you’re not a fan of gold paint or sombreros; this is nacho scene…
On the other hand #draxthedestroyer #isthatyou

And if you don’t have an army of besties, remember that colour co-ordination is an all-time winner.

Feeling inspired? Fantastic. We hope this helps you join ‘the elite‘ and have a BLISSFUL day.

A massive thanks to all the brilliant Boomtown Citizens that let us take their photo! Catch us at Chapter 11 for the opportunity to be in next year’s look-book.