The best dressed citizens at Boomtown Fair 2019

 The best dressed citizens at Boomtown Fair 2019

For the second year in a row, our team decided to head to Boomtown and recognise the Citizens that make an effort.

Below you will find our Top Picks, the Couples and Friends that made the list and all the Single Pringles that don’t have 50 friends to play match with.

Our Top Picks

Let’s start with a personal favourite. What’s not to love about matching family outfits?

Best colour-coordination award goes to…

Oh and best colour-coordination with largest group of friends award goes to…

And this lovely lady is part of a walkabout act called the Eco inFESTation. Despite having loads of abuse thrown in her face, I think she’s far from a buzz kill. In fact, her costumes were made from recycled materials such as old bike inner tube rubber – best way to bee! Check out their Instagram page.

Tesselation, not deforestation.

And this girl is absolutely adorable, why be human when you can be a unicorn?

Cone Collective vs Beans on Toast?

Single Pringles Ready to Mingle

Why did the chicken cross the road? It was trying to get to Paradise Heights.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Anyone else notice he looks as blissful as the statue behind him?

If you don’t have any hair, give yourself a sponge-bob.

When you’ve got a catwalk at 8, and a sacrificial ceremony at 9.

Get your coats on, it’s adventure time.

Legend on wheels?

Why walk around in your birthday suit, when you can walk around in your Christmas suit?

Oooo he’s peelin’ good, nananananaaa

You can tell how experienced they are by their choice of banana hat.

I don’t know what’s better, your costume, or the fact you’re getting photo-bombed by that guy in the background of the second pic?

And here’s some leftover Pringles too good to leave out!

Couples vs Best Friends

Starting with our great pals and festival goers – Jessie from WheresMyTent? and Luisa-Christie. Two words: umbrella-hat.

Now, I’m not sure if these two were actors but I like their style.

And what screams Boomtown Fair more than two massive logo accessories.

So much style and grace yet so simple?

These two were adorable, I hope my man looks at me one day the way this guy is looking at his partner in crime.

Another two pals… DJ KHALEEEEED! – P.S. loving the Crocs @pennold

And of course, can’t go wrong with some typical Halloween outfits.

The male version of the angel/devil duo? Cross-dress to impress I believe?

Haha, straight from a rave in the bat cave.

And this guy is definitely wingin’ it.

It’s fair to say this lady looks like a festival Goddess.

Roll out the red carpet, Boomtown Fashion Week coming through.

These two ladies were so sweet, no caption needed.

And who’s that Pokemon?

Have these two achieved blissfulness yet? You decide.

The Best of the Rest

Wigs for days.

Jade is that you?

And is that a Black Country Flag? Am yow hunting ya mates?

A massive thanks to all the brilliant Boomtown Citizens who dressed so eminently and let us take their photo!

We’ll be out capturing even more crazy outfits at Chapter 12, so look out for us for the chance to feature next year!