Boomtown Springs Farmer Bruce

Explore Boomtown Chapter 10 as it’s built, accompanied by the resident dairy farmer

19th January 2019 Off By

A local magazine this week carried a short interview with Boomtown Fair’s landlord and owner of the Matterley Estate, Peveril Bruce.

Sponsors of the feature Thrings Solicitors have also released a short video, in which Peveril Bruce explores Boomtown Chapter 10 (2018) during its ‘build and break’ period. The video boasts some great aerial shots of the festival and highlights some of the other activities that take place on the site, such as tank and motocross racing.

The clip takes you inside the cattle sheds nestled between Boomtown Springs and Sector 6, where Peveril explains how supermarkets pushing the price of milk down over the decades has led them to take advantage of other opportunities their land can offer.

In the video, Peveril says Boomtown is a “fantastic production based festival”, before a stunning montage of Chapter 10 shows Bang Hai Towers ablaze and a brutal wall of death in the newest district, Dissorder Alley.

He adds “I’m very proud of what we’ve acheieved here, we’ve made a lot of people very happy, I think, and that’s absolutely paramount.”

In the Hampshire Life interview on behalf Thrings Solicitors, Peveril says they work with the South Downs National Park Authority in putting on a festival which attracts 60,000 people, most of whom might otherwise not see the national park.

Peveril speaks of his appreciation for the local people that have consistently backed Boomtown, writing to the local authorities in support of their licencing and planning applications.

Boomtown Fair released the official Chapter 10 after movie back in September, a beautiful piece that runs to nearly 12 minutes and brings the Nickolas Boom saga to a close.

Organisers will reveal Boomtown’s 2019 headliners on February 8th and will reveal a district line-up each week from then on.

Boomtown’s new techno and electronic district, Area 404, was unveiled back in December, alongside the first line-up poster.

Tickets for the festival are currently on sale, and volunteering applications are also open.

Day one ticket sales for Chapter 11 broke Boomtown records this year, despite selling out as early as February ahead of Chapter 10.

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