Sustainable budget products you need this summer

 Sustainable budget products you need this summer

Sustainable products are healthier for the planet and can be convenient for everybody. Here are 7 eco-friendly products to make your life easier this festival season without breaking the bank:

1. Culinary set

This set is fully reusable, lightweight and perfect for a festival. Why buy different cutlery for every meal when you can use a biodegradable substitute?

2. Fruit storage bags

These re-usable, zero plastic, eco-friendly storage bags are made out of cotton can be used to store fruit and vegetables. Perfect for picking up fruit from the supermarket without plastic packaging.

3. Collapsible coffee cup

One of the cheapest and highly rated available, this collapsible coffee cup will fit in any travel bag, it’s easy to clean and perfect for taking to festivals where you have to buy your coffee from vendors.

4. Collapsible straw

Which leads onto the collapsible straw, FDA approved and with its own sealable case to keep it clean, the collapsible straw is perfect for all occasions.

5. Bamboo Razor

An estimated 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away each year. This old style razor offers one of the closest shaves going and has such a long lifespan it could be decades before you need to buy another one if you look after it properly. The blades are super cheap to buy at 10p each.

6. A fucking flannel

As opposed to makeup wipes. But if you’re really desperate for something disposable you can Cheeky Panda’s biodegradable wipes made out of bamboo.

7. GRRRL Cup

Millions of sanitary products are thrown away every year. This totally re-usable sanitary product is super easy to use, lasts for 12 hours at a time and is the cheapest on Amazon at present, coming in at £7.99. A portion of the profits are donated to a charity which helps girls who cannot afford sanitary care.