Coronavirus: Glastonbury-on-sea’s souvenir fudge donated to food banks

 Coronavirus: Glastonbury-on-sea’s souvenir fudge donated to food banks

Glastonbury-on-sea, one of the newest areas at Glastonbury Festival featuring a 60-metre long Victorian pier, has revealed packs of souvenir fudge which would have been sold at the festival’s 50th anniversary this summer will be donated to: “local food banks, food deliveries to the elderly, Key Workers and Woman’s & family shelters”.

In an Instagram post this afternoon, organisers asked for any local residents who know any food banks “who would like a little extra treat” to send them a message.

Over a month ago, Glastonbury became one of the first major festivals to announce it wouldn’t be able to take place this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, organiser Emily Eavis told the Guardian thousands of plastic rain ponchos meant for the festival had been donated to West Country hospitals. The ongoing lack of proper personal protective equipment means the ponchos could be used in place of aprons.

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