Police: Drugs dogs will be on the gates at Creamfields and everyone will be searched

 Police: Drugs dogs will be on the gates at Creamfields and everyone will be searched

Cheshire Constabulary has issued a statement ahead of Creamfields starting this week, with one officer warning drugs sniffer dogs will be searching for any illicit substances at the entrance points.

Superintendent Deppie Hooper said the dogs are just one of “various other security measures” attendees will have to pass through before being allowed into the festival, and: “all festivalgoers will be searched prior to being granted entry.”

Surrender bins will be placed ahead of the search area, with police warning: “Anyone who is subsequently found in possession of such items, having not placed them into the bins, will be arrested and made to face the consequences of their actions.”

Eric Prydz will headline the festival at Warrington’s Daresbury Park with a special show for Creamfields’ Steel Yard superstructure.

Superintendent Hooper added: “My advice to anyone considering bringing weapons or drugs to the event is…don’t.

“We always spend months planning for Creamfields to ensure that we are as prepared as possible. As always our main priorities are to ensure that everyone at Creamfields enjoys the event safely and to minimise the disruption for residents during the festival.

“Security will be as tight as ever and any form or crime and disorder will not be tolerated by the officers in and around the festival site in Daresbury.

“The event organisers will again have drugs dogs working at entrance points – various other security measures will be in place and all festivalgoers will be searched prior to being granted entry.”

Officers from Cheshire Constabulary will be on-site at Creamfields to support security staff and help prevent crime and disorder.

Drugs harm reduction charity The Loop have told fans on social media their services won’t be available at Creamfields this year as they “weren’t invited.”

Chill Welfare will be on-site, who have been working to reduce the harms caused by drugs and alcohol at festivals for several years. They also support mental wellbeing and promote sexual health.

In addition to the police presence at the festival, officers from Local Policing Units will be in the area: “to deal with any issues that arise relating to the festival, to minimise any disruption to local residents and to reassure members of the public.”

With 70,000 expected to be in attendance, they’ll also be helping out with traffic management.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “I understand the impact this event has on the local community, but I am pleased to see that officers – working alongside partner organisations – are again doing everything they can to keep this disruption to a minimum, and are taking steps to help festivalgoers enjoy themselves without putting themselves or others at risk.

“This is one of the biggest events in the calendar for Cheshire Constabulary and I am grateful to the officers who work tirelessly in and around the event site in Daresbury over the Bank Holiday weekend each year.”

Back in May, the Warrington Guardian reported four men had been jailed for a total of ten years after being caught with drugs at Creamfields last summer. Another five were sentenced in June.

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Will there be drugs dogs at Creamfields 2019?

Yes. Police have said the event organisers will have sniffer dogs at the entrance gates, and that everyone will be searched on entry.

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