These are the 10 strongest pills tested by The Loop at festivals this summer

by Sam Warrenger
Music Festival people sat in field

The Loop have issued an autumn update to their list of the strongest pills tested at festivals this summer, saying: “with university, clubbing & party seasons just around the corner, please take care of yourselves & each other.”

Lilac-coloured Donald Trump pills, tested at Lost Village last month and found to contain over 300mg of MDMA, have been added to the list. Red and white ‘iPhone X’ pills with around 280mg of MDMA have also been added.

The Loop strongest pills Autumn 2019

Over 500 samples were tested at Lost Village, with some tests performed in response to medical emergencies.

Harm reduction charities say the safest thing to do is always not to take drugs, but if you do take MDMA, start with a low dose and give the drug time to take effect before taking any more. Further harm reduction advice is available on the Release website.

In July this year, Purple Maybachs, pink and purple Skypes and brown Donkey Kong’s were all tested by The Loop at Kendal Calling and found to contain two to three times the average adult dose.

Blue Punishers and orange Donald Trump pills remain on the list having been found in circulation again this summer. The Loop issued an alert in August 2018 when over 270mg of MDMA was found in the pills, around three times the average adult dose.

Days before Boomtown 2019, The Loop revealed they would not be able to offer drugs testing at the festival as planned. The service had been available at the festival since 2017, when they tested over 1,100 samples.

The Loop did offer welfare services, drugs advice, information and a one-on-one counselling service at Boomtown, while another provider, TICTAC, carried out back-of-house testing.

The Loop posters at Boomtown 2018
Harm reduction posters inside The Loop’s testing centre

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Festivalgoers sat in field – Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash
All other images – The Loop

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