These eco-friendly festival wristbands are made from recycled plastic bottles

 These eco-friendly festival wristbands are made from recycled plastic bottles

A company has started providing eco-friendly wristbands to festivals and events across the country.

ID&C, based in Tunbridge Wells, has launched wristbands made from a recycled PET (polyethylene) fabric, produced from old plastic bottles.

The wristbands also feature a barrel lock with a bamboo exterior, which uses 50% less plastic than a standard barrel lock.

The company claims the recycled range has been a “big hit with customers” since they began taking orders in Autumn 2018.

They haven’t revealed which events have switched to the recycled wristbands, though over 60 British music festivals have pledged to eradicate the use of single-use plastic by 2021.

ID&C have also sponsored part of an Association of Independent Festivals sustainability training day, set to take place in March.

Recycled Festival Wristband
Image credit: ID&C

ID&C Company Director Matt Wilkey said: “In recent years we have seen an increase in demand from our customers to provide them with more eco-friendly alternatives to our current range of wristbands and accreditation.

“There has been a growth in event organisers pushing for greener events; last year we saw many festivals ban the use of plastic straws and disposable cups in favour of reusable ones.

“Reducing the levels of plastic used across festivals and events is an ongoing challenge for any event organiser and we want to contribute to lowering the impact where we can.”

Bamboo locking festival eco-friendly wristband
Image credit: ID&C

“For many years, we have been conscious of our environmental impact and have been continually exploring ways to become a more eco-friendly company.

“It is a tough challenge as our products have to be strong and secure, but we are always developing new ideas with the aim to provide a full range of alternative greener products.

“The recycled range has been a big hit with a number of our customers so far, and we have been taking orders since the autumn of 2018.

“By avoiding single-use plastic and using a recycled alternative, our customers are demonstrating their commitment to the green initiative.

“All our products are professionally tested to ensure that the materials used are 100% accurate to their eco-friendly make-up.”