Eco-friendly search engine helps pioneer totally sustainable music festival

 Eco-friendly search engine helps pioneer totally sustainable music festival

Search engine Ecosia plants trees with the ad revenue you generate when you search online.

Based in Berlin, Ecosia donates 80% of its income to non-profit organisations that are devoted to conservation, particularly re-forestation.

Image Credit: Jonathan M Talbot

Replenishing the world’s forests has the potential to have a huge environmental impact. Trees store carbon and promote the vitality of eco-systems essential to maintaining life on earth, helping to combat the ever pressing threat of the climate crisis. Just like TheFestivals, Ecosia operates as a CO2 negative (a less than neutral carbon footprint, effectively removing CO2 from the air as opposed to adding to it).

Weeks after Boomtown revealed they’re planting a tropical rainforest, Ecosia has pledged to plant 80,000 additional trees in Indonesia and with the Jane Goodall Institute in Uganda – one for every We Love Green attendee, making it one of the most sustainable Parisian festivals going.

Image Credit: Celine Nadeau

We Love Green’s eco-responsible production is centred around 7 main concepts; energy, foodwater, wastetransport, awareness and carbon neutralization.

The site is run by 100% renewable energy. The festival also allows for new innovative sustainable projects to be tested out at a large scale event. This year testing flexible Taurpin solar panels, widening the scope of the panel potentially making them more effective (and cheaper!).

Two new recycled edible oils were also trialed at We Love Green, French biofuels: B100 Oleo 100 (Rapeseed) + B100 Dielix.

There is no available parking on site, encouraging ticket holders to use low carbon transport options such as public transport. Their website even offers a discount when booking a 100% electric vehicle and chauffeur.

Single-use plastics are not sold on the premises and there are over 90 stations to re-fill up on water using re-usable bottles. Compost toilets are supplied on site and bio-sourced and compostable materials are used for catering supplies.

Photo Credit: Evita Ochel

We Love Green festival demonstrates how viable sustainable festivals are, Co-Founder Maria Sabot reported “Making sure that your event has the smallest possible impact is the only way forward”.

With projects like Ecosia investing in festivals and using technology to aid the fight to keep CO2 levels below the acceptable levels, there is no reason why carbon neutral or even negative festivals can’t become the norm.