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Reviewed: Are festival essentials kits worth buying?

by Sam Warrenger
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Countless festival essentials kits have hit the market in recent years. Also sold as festival survival kits, they typically bundle dozens of items together into a single purchase.

The appeal is plain to see, for less than a few festival pints, these save you the hassle of working out what to pack, going around the shops buying it all, and packing it all up too. 

If you’re a festival veteran or a total newbie, you’ll always forget something, and definitely won’t be as prepared as someone with a 60-in-1 festival survival kit. Even if you’re lucky enough not to need the plasters, you’ll likely make friends with someone overjoyed that you have some to spare.

In this post, we examine some of the most popular festival essentials kits on eBay and Amazon, then break them down and work out how much it’d cost to buy all the components separately.

It’s possible that these festival essentials kits charge a premium for the convenience of having so many essentials pre-packed, but it’s also possible that buying them as a kit also makes it cheaper.

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If you’ve ever done any business studies modules at school, you’ll remember learning about ‘economies of scale,’ the principle that as you buy more of something, the cost decreases.

So it’s entirely possible that through bulk buying the components then selling them as festival survival kits, you can save money over buying one of each item in the shops. 

We’ve worked this all out for you below.

Festakits Essentials 60 Piece Festival Survival Kit

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Supplied in a branded drawstring bag, this 60-in-1 festival survival kit can certainly save you loads of time and hassle planning your trip. But is it good value?

They’ve clearly put the effort in to get that number up to 60-in-1, counting each of the 10 individual antibacterial wipes. To be fair, all the other kits on the market do the same thing, and they’re individually wrapped.

The kit includes the following items:

  • 1x Festakits Bag (£1)
    Ok, so we can’t price a Festakits bag elsewhere, but drawstring bags are a common sight in Poundland or the discounter of your choice, so we’ve called this one at a quid.
  • 1x Toothbrush (50p)
    We’re being generous valuing this at 50p, as you’ll get two for that price in Tesco.
  • 1x Toothpaste (80p)
    This isn’t Oral-B Pro-Action, rather a tiny tube of generic toothpaste. You can get a much bigger tube of Colgate or Aquafresh for 80p in the shops, so again, we’re being generous here.
  • 1x Pack of 10 Chewing Gum (50p)
    At least they aren’t counting each individual piece of gum to make it 69-in-1. I’m not sure how much point there is taking a singular pack to a festival, you’ll need more like five.
  • 1x Dry Shampoo (£2)
    Generic dry shampoo. You can usually get a bigger, branded bottle for £2.
  • 1x Sun Tan Lotion (£3)
    Generic sun cream. Can be expensive, but you can find a small bottle like this for £3 in any supermarket.
  • 1x 23 Piece First Aid Kit (£8)
    This is actually a good one and could run you £6 to £10 to buy a similar kit on the high street.
  • 1x Torch (£3)
    An LED torch widely available in petrol stations for £3
  • 3x Glowsticks (£2)
    Usually fairly cheap, and found in the likes of Home Bargains
  • 2x Condoms (£1)
    If you’re paying more than a quid for two condoms you’re paying too much
  • 1x Pack of Tissues (50p)
    Can you even buy these little packs individually?
  • 10x Antibacterial Wipes (£1)
    Like you can get a massive pack for a quid
  • 1x Poncho (£3)
    Three quid in most shops, more at a festival, less in Poundland if you’re lucky enough to find some in stock
  • 1x Antibacterial Gel (80p)
    Look near the tills in Aldi / Lidl
  • 2x Rehydration Sachet (£2)
    Basically Dioralyte. Look in the medicine section of your supermarket, near the diarrhoea stuff.
  • 1x Rubbish Bag (£0)
    Every festival gives out free binbags

Estimated total cost, bought individually: £29.10

With an estimated combined cost of nearly £30, you can save both money and time with this 60-in-1 kit from Festakits. They’re currently running a promotion to save 5% if you team up with a mate and get one each.

These are currently one of the best selling festival essentials kits available.

KitPacks 88-in-1 Music Festival Camping Survival Kit

No products found.

Another ready-to-go drawstring back, this time with 88 items packed inside. It’s one of the largest festival essentials kits on the market.

Some of the items included that you don’t get with the Festakits pack above are toilet seat covers, breath freshener spray, a whistle, and even a vuvuzela. 

They also helpfully offer to replace the condoms with insect repellent wipes if you message them after placing your order.

The mammoth 88-in-1 kit contains the following items:

  • 1 x Material Drawstring bag/rucksack (£1)
  • 1 x Foldable water bottle (£3)
  • 1 x emergency foil blanket (£2.50)
  • 10 x cotton buds (50p)
  • 8 x Drinking straws (50p)
  • 1 x 10ml tube UV Glow Paint (£1)
  • 1 x Led torch with battery (£3)
  • 2 pairs of Laser Lite Earplugs (£2)
  • 1 x glow in the dark whistle (£1)
  • 1 x Lip balm (£1)
  • 1 x Breath Refresher Spray (20ml) (£2)
  • 1 x Dry Shampoo Aerosol (200ml) (£2)
  • 2 x 6″ Glow sticks (£1)
  • 1 x Sunscreen lotion 7g sachet sun protection factor 30 (£1)
  • 1 x Disposable Poncho (£3)
  • 1 x Travel toothbrush (£1)
  • 2 x 6g Toothpaste (£1)
  • 1 Pack chewing gum (50p)
  • 8 x Assorted plasters (50p)
  • 2 x Condoms (£1)
  • 1 x Comb (£1)
  • 8 x Toilet seat covers (£1)
  • 5 Pairs disposable plastic gloves (£1)
  • 1 x Pocket Sized Packet of Tissues (50p)
  • 15 x Lemon Fresh Wipes, individually wrapped. (£1)
  • 5 x Plastic trash bags (£0  – free onsite)
  • 5 x Antibacterial Sanitising Wipes, individually wrapped.  (50p)
  • 2 x Strong plastic pouch bags 15cm x 20cm (50p)

Estimated total cost, bought individually: £34

Again, buying everything individually works out more expensive than buying the kit, which would also save you loads of time.

The main concern is, do you actually want what’s in the kits? If it comes with loads of stuff you don’t think you’ll touch, or doesn’t contain enough of the things you’ll use, is it still worth it?

We’ve noticed some of the real essentials in these supposed festival essentials kits are in too short a supply to last for a whole festival. You might also find you have a lot of these things around the house already.

Still, you know you’re getting decent value overall, and purchasing a kit will take loads of the stress out of getting ready for a festival. You’ll be one of the most prepared on the campsite, so be ready to make friends when you’re the only one who’s brought any plasters!

Don’t forget, you will also need a tent, chair, and some wellies!


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