A 60-metre Victorian pier will be built at Glastonbury 2019

 A 60-metre Victorian pier will be built at Glastonbury 2019

Michael Eavis has spoken in London revealing “an enormous pier” will be built for a “Glastonbury-on-sea” area of this summer’s festival.

Eavis was speaking at the launch of a new show by Joe Rush, an artist whose work has featured at Glastonbury for decades, including 2017’s Cinemageddon and 1985’s Skull Bus.

Eavis reportedly referred to Glastonbury as “my show” and said that Joe is “the glue that keeps it all going”.

Joe Rush has an on-site studio at London’s Vinegar Yard, providing an opportunity to go and see his work in progress.

Glastonbury-on-sea’s pier is said to resemble a “Victorian pier” and will reportedly be 60-metres long.

The first line-up poster for Glastonbury 2019 was revealed earlier this month.

Last week, it was revealed the festival will feature a Co-op food store supplying: “a wide range of food, drink and festival essentials like sandwiches, water, bacon, eggs and bread alongside the obligatory sun cream and rain ponchos”.

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Image credit: Andrew Allcock (Glastonbury) / TheFestivals (Garth Pier, Bangor)