Three festival bloggers have launched a Glastonbury podcast

 Three festival bloggers have launched a Glastonbury podcast

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Three festival bloggers have launched a Glastonbury podcast.

GlastoCast released their first episode, ‘What is it about Glastonbury?’ at the end of January.

Episode two, ‘What to pack for Glastonbury’, was released earlier this week.

Jessi from Where’s My Tent?, Miguel from Glasto360, and Rob from AllThingsGlasto record the podcast together from a London studio, and are keen to encourage other Glasto-lovers to get involved.

Speaking to TheFestivals, Jessi said: “The thing about Glastonbury is that nobody knows it all. It’s so huge, it’s ever-evolving… I’m sure there are even some parts that Michael Eavis himself isn’t an expert in!”

GlastoCast are already in talks with future guests, including Glasto’s legendary bin painters and people from the festival’s free property lock-ups.

GlastoCast Jessi Miguel Rob
From left to right: Miguel, Rob, and Jessi

Jessi added: “We would love to hear from bands playing some of the smaller stages! Ideally, people near/who can get to London as we have a good recording set up and face to face works best, but if not we can do a Skype interview!”

Throughout the first episodes, Jessi, Miguel, and Rob encourage listeners to engage with GlastoCast on social media. Jessi told us: “We love the festival and we love talking about it, but we really want to hear from listeners too about their experiences, top tips, favourite artists, and any special stories!

“We want this to be a collaborative project where Glasto-lovers can really feel involved. So please do email us [email protected], or message us on our website or socials!

“You can even call us and leave a message so we can use your voice on an episode – 020 3807 7081!”

GlastoCast is the only Glastonbury podcast that is currently active. A podcast hosted by SomersetLive was last published in 2017 and focused on in-depth discussion of that year’s line-up.

Season one of GlastoCast looks at tips and guidance for those new to the festival. After six episodes, season two will move on to other aspects such as Glasto history, working and volunteering, the different areas of the festival, and discussing line-ups.

Head to the official GlastoCast website to start listening in seconds.

Once you’ve decided you like it, you can subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts or Soundcloud.

There’s even an RSS feed to let you subscribe with pretty much any other podcast app.

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