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Interview: All about Plot, the one-stop festival website solution

by Sam Warrenger
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Plot is a festival-specific platform that streamlines the process of creating a website for an event. It’s a new product launched just before the pandemic hit by the team at Project Simply, web developers who’ve previously worked with the likes of Parklife, Field Day, Winterville, Y Not, and Truck.

Plot sites can be adapted, changed and updated according to a festival team’s bespoke needs – from sign up forms to banner ads, line-up release info to filterable artist pages, all on a quick to launch and load website that looks beautiful and engages users. Importantly, a Plot festival website is full of features, meaning customers can completely remove any ongoing costs for third party design and development once the website is launched. 

What is Plot and what makes it unique?

Plot is the product of ten last 8 years working with festivals. It’s an event web system that gives festivals a successful website with hosting in record time at an affordable cost. It’s also packed full of easy to use features that are specific to events and festivals that de stress marketing teams.

How has Plot helped festivals keep going through coronavirus?

We created Plot as a tool to help all festivals save time and money when launching a festival website and whilst it wasn’t conceived with Coronavirus in mind, it certainly lends itself to the current situation really well.

For festivals who have been hit hard by the Pandemic we now have something that can help them create something great at a fraction of the cost, and completely mitigate all ongoing design and development costs. That’s pretty great for a festival that needs to tighten their belts whilst retaining quality. 

Since you started working with music festivals, what have been some of your highlights? 

Honestly working with all festivals is pretty great as everyone is so different and unique. The fact that we’ve been working on Parklife for the last 5 years is pretty great, we always produce an amazing interactive website that really acts as a centrepiece to their creative efforts.

I’m also really proud of the fact that Plot has been so well received, we really have seen a great takeup on the offering because it’s genuinely needed and appreciated. 

So are there already festivals running on Plot? What has their response been like so far?

Yes we launched on the day lockdown started back in March 2020 and we’ve seen a steady uptake on the offering. We are really looking forward to scaling up the interest now that we might see the light at the end of the tunnel and we have some amazing developments to announce in 2021.

The response has been amazing to be honest, every Plot site we built has received so much love and positive feedback. 

What do you think the most important aspect of an event’s website design is?

Usability. Sometimes people get lost in the creative and forget the user. Bottom line you are there to help the user validate and purchase. We love to create a party on a page but always make sure you validate the user journeys. 

What are some of the biggest or most common mistakes made on festival websites?

The biggest issue we see is simply really poor UX where nothing is obvious and you aren’t sure what to do or what to click, especially on mobile which still seems to be of secondary consideration when designing for many people. 80% of all users are mobile so design mobile up.

The next is a poorly presented brand which if not harmonious can really cheapen a website experience.

Other than (hopefully!) having live events return and seeing the end of the pandemic, what are you most excited for in 2021?

I’m excited for it all, can’t wait to go to a few and work with a lot. Seeing people having a good time will massively help my head in 2021. Oh and I’m planning an outrageous amount of holidays.

Find out more about Plot and Project Simply on their website.


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