The festival heroes that made Kendal Calling amazing

 The festival heroes that made Kendal Calling amazing

Festival heroes make your weekend what it is. They could be fellow fans, security, staff, police, artists, traders, anything. You might not know their name, but you know they’ve gone above-and-beyond to make your festival extra special or to help you out when things go wrong.

We asked Kendal Calling fans for their stories of 2018’s festival heroes, and they responded en-masse with countless touching stories from across the weekend.

Nicola, Karen, and Lisa paid tribute to security staff that made their weekend that little bit extra special.

Nicola Carey Crowley: “Scouser Warren – he was on the entry from emperors car park to the Emperor’s field- he was there most of the weekend. When we first arrived he gave my little boy a special wristband in case he got lost and explained to him what he should do if he did get lost. He was always up for a chat when we were going back and forth to the car, and gave us insider info on the libertines secret gig too. Top bloke!”

Karen Vernon: “I would like to say thank you to some of the security staff at the stages. The 2 younger ones who were at the main stage when the Slow Readers Club were on. They joined in with the fun. Also, the girl who seemed to live in the Calling out tent. She was there for Pins and tried really hard to get me a set list. To be fair they were all really nice. Thank you”

Lisa Warburton: “We would like to thank Laura, security in Deer Lodge for helping us when our car battery died when leaving. She was amazing and so lovely! Without her, we would have been stuck!”

Image credit: Jody Hartley

Are you one of the guys from Bradford that hosted a blackjack party Saturday morning? Lindsay loved it.

Lindsay Ormerod: “The 15 blokes from Bradford who held a “blackjack ” party in the cafe area at Great Plains on Saturday morning, more entertaining than a lot of the acts!”

The aptly-named Ash from the Village Green fire pit was a popular guy, keeping everyone in high spirits as he poked and prodded at the embers.

Ryan Walsh: “Ash from the fire pit keeping everyone entertained until 6 am every morning and being an all-round nice guy”

Did you find yourself giving out free quilts and therapy sessions? Or perhaps circling someone in the crowd before OCS? Nick and Gill have been in touch to say thanks.

Nick McMahon: “My brother, “Winston” and I would like to thank the Preston girls for the therapy session and the quilt.”

Gill Bate Rollins: “I would like to thank the gang of girls that circled me while I was right at the front waiting for OCS and didn’t want to lose my place in the mosh pit…to have a piss…legends x”

Image credit: Jody Hartley

Emily wanted to thank a wonderfully helpful child that came to assist her with her trolley when all the adults nearby walked on.

Emily Tyson: “Young lad who helped me with my trolley up the hill. He looked about 11, plenty of grown adults watched me struggling and he came over and offered help- what a star”

Mick and Ian were grateful to a ‘diamond geezer’ that lent them use of their generator for the weekend then refused to accept any petrol as payment. Legend.

Mick Mountain: “To the diamond geezer next to us who lent us a plug to his generator when ours packed up and kept us running for 2 days. Legend.”

Ian Mullings: “Yeah top man. Didn’t even use the petrol I gave him as payment. Proper festival spirit.”

The Libertines
The Libertines headline Sunday night

Loads of you wanted to thank other staff and traders for going the extra mile.

Allison Jane: “The blonde girl with the glasses on the door of Soap Opera on the village green. She worked night and day but always had a smile on her face and towards the end didn’t even check my wristband because we’d chatted so often. All of the staff in soap opera to be honest- they were immaculate and the staff were always friendly x”

Emma Louise Grady: “There was a girl and lad working the carvetti stage bar on Sunday who were just lovely. My hands were sopping wet through and cold and they gave me blue roll to dry off. Had a lovely chat and laugh with them both too about my hometown Wigan xxx”

Freya Gateson: “I would like to thank the Scottish bloke at the mill shake stall by the WKD bar. He was so friendly and had a great vibe about him. always gave my daughter two paper straws in case one got soggy…it’s the little things!”

Lisa Smallshaw: “I have 2 groups of heroes: Amy and the team on access, without whom I couldn’t have gone this year they worked so hard this year, I’m sure they don’t get to see much of the festival, but they were there 24/7 to make sure everyone had a great time, mud or no mud! Also, the lovely lady who gave me her pin badge off her coat at the T-shirt stall next to soapbox, because I couldn’t buy one anywhere on site to add to my hat, small things make the moment!”

Lucy Spraggan in the Calling Out Tent
Lucy Spraggan in the Calling Out Tent

For those that lost valuable items, these were relieved to find a good Samaritan helped them to be reunited!

Emma Tyson: “Would also like to thank the staff at chunky chips and wicked dips for finding my phone and contacting my top contact to get it back to me”

Louise Sutton: “I would really like to thank the person who handed in my sons iPod after the carnage of Bugzy!! My son was convinced it had gone for good, I would not give up so easily, so I went to the lost and found, and it was there!! Thank you! My son was overjoyed!!”

With special thanks to the Kendal’s Calling You Facebook community.

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