Register to vote and you could win festival tickets for next summer!

by Sam Warrenger
Boomtown The Daily Rag

A collective of independent events and festivals, including Boomtown, Shambala and Shindig, have launched the #UseYourVoice2019 campaign calling on fans to register to vote in the upcoming general election.

Anyone who registers between today and the deadline on 26th November can enter competitions to win tickets to the next edition of their chosen festival. Each event has its own prize draw, so once you’ve registered, you can enter as many of the competitions as you like.

The campaign is non-partisan and comes after a similar drive ahead of the 2017 election when the number of young people who came out to vote reached a 25-year high. Campaign organisers recommend using tools such as ‘Who Should You Vote For?‘ and Political Compass to find out which party’s policies align with their personal preferences.

To register to vote, click here. Registration takes seconds and can easily be done on a smartphone.
To enter the competitions, choose which festival or festival’s you’d like to win tickets to and head to their Facebook (links below). You’ll then need to like and share their competition post and comment “I just registered to vote”, tagging a mate to let them know.

For each winner to claim their prize, they’ll have to forward organisers their confirmation email proving they registered between 15th – 26th November.

Boomtown co-founder Lak Mitchell said: “Every year millions of young people attend
festivals across the UK to experience incredible events – but this really is the event of their lives, so we hope as many people as possible turn up to vote.”

Festivals and events taking part

Becka Whiteley from Shambala said: “It’s incredibly important to us that we use our platform to encourage our audiences to get out there and have their say on the policies that matter most to them – be it the climate, the NHS or public services. 

“Registering to vote is quick and easy and can even be done on your phone. Get registered, get reading the policies and make your voice count on December 12th.”

Will Lardner from Shindig said: “The importance of voting can’t be underestimated, and we hope there will be an even greater level of registrations this year than in 2017.

“The festival community are supporting this because young people are the future and they will be living with the effects of this election whichever way it goes for a very long time.”

Ben Jackson from Love Saves the Day said: “With society facing ever-increasing environmental, economic and social challenges, it’s now more important than ever to make sure your voice is heard. Young people are the future, and it’s vital that those who will be most impacted by this election get their say.”

Also this afternoon, Glastonbury told their followers to make sure they register to vote before the deadline, though they aren’t giving away any tickets as an incentive.

Featured image credit: Leora Bermeister / Boomtown Fair

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