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Choose where to send Theresa May on holiday in a ‘People’s Vote’

17th May 2019 Off By

Dealing with Brexit has been no easy task, especially for our overworked Prime Minister. With the never-ending debates and late nights, it is clear that she could do with a break, especially with many of her colleagues looking to make her departure permanent.

Starting from today, the public will get to decide where to send Theresa May with a ‘People’s Vote’. And their decision will be final. If Theresa May doesn’t want to run a people’s vote, then Travel Republic certainly will. The online travel agent will provide the Prime Minister with a free holiday to one of a number of different destinations, all of which are available to book via the Travel Republic website.

To entice a worn-out Theresa May, Travel Republic has sent a moving billboard to her home and workplace with the offer of a free holidayto escape the stresses and turmoil of political life, and the dreaded ‘B’ word.

Destinations include the peaceful luxury of Bali, the wonderful sands of Barbados, the beautiful scenery of Bodrum, the stunning temples of Bangkok, and traditional favourite, Benidorm. The public can also choose to send her off to Brussels as she seems to like visiting it so much already. Or, if the public is feeling less generous, they can vote for Theresa to Remain…in Westminster, which could be a disappointment to her rivals.

Kate Cook, Nutrition and Wellness Expert, commented: “Dealing with stress over a long period of time can have detrimental implications on your body, mood and performance at work. The adrenal glands produce cortisol which helps to deal with stress, however when you are put under a lot of pressure these can become exhausted.

“Fortunately, you can recover from this, but it is recommended to have at least two weeks of rest. Nobody is superhuman and everyone needs time out to recharge, so a long holiday is just what Theresa May needs.”

Once the votes are in, Travel Republic will get in touch with the Prime Minister to discuss her travel arrangements and confirm a leave date. The PM is known to be fond of walking holidays in the UK, but now she has the option to broaden her horizons abroad with a companion of her choice. It could be husband Philip, but she may choose to take Boris, Jacob or Jeremy with her, which would probably give the nation an extra boost.

According to Frank Rejwan, Managing Director at Travel Republic: “As part of one of the world’s largest travel groups, Travel Republic has the broadest range of over 300,000 hotels in 1,000 holiday locations ranging from the beaches of Barbados to the boulevards of Brussels, with holidays to suit every budget. To keep things simple, for this version of the People’s Vote we picked out popular destinations that have one thing in common – to prove to Theresa that not all bad things begin with a ‘B’”. 

Visit the Travel Republic website to cast a vote now. Will the Great British public banish May to the beaches in Barbados or back to the boulevards of Brussels? It’s now in the hands of the people.

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