We’ll find out when Glastonbury tickets go on sale tomorrow

 We’ll find out when Glastonbury tickets go on sale tomorrow

Image credit: Rachel Docherty

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis has confirmed on Twitter that Glastonbury 2019 ticket information will be released tomorrow, Monday 17th September.

When asked by a Twitter user to “please announce when Glastonbury tickets will be on sale,” Emily replied that “All the information will be with you tomorrow.”

In recent years, Glastonbury tickets have always been released to general sale at 9am on a Sunday morning in October, usually the first or second Sunday of the month.

We’re expecting tickets to go on general sale at 9am on either October 7th or October 14th, but we’ll get official confirmation from Glastonbury sometime tomorrow.

When they do get released, they’ll likely be gone within the hour, and you’ll have difficulty getting through to the website. You’ll need to organise so that all your friends are up and ready at 9am, trying as a group to purchase your tickets.

Coach package tickets go on sale earlier, usually the Thursday evening before the general sale. These are sold as a package, so you must travel by coach if you buy one, as your festival ticket will only be handed out once on the coach.

Glastonbury ticket sale date
Image credit: Rachel Docherty

You must register in advance to buy tickets, which you can do here. You’ll have to provide your name, address, and a recent passport photo. 

If you’ve registered in the past, make sure you check your photo and address are still up to date.

You can usually buy up to six tickets at a time, and you’ll need the registration numbers of everyone in your group. This ensures that if two of your friends get through at the same time, you can’t end up buying duplicate tickets by mistake.

You won’t have to pay the full value of every ticket in October, just a £50 deposit, though this means if you get through to buy tickets for your whole group you’ll need £300 available in your bank to secure six tickets.

The remaining balance is paid off individually after Christmas, and dispatched to the ticket holder themselves. If you’ve paid deposits for your whole group, you won’t need to worry about getting their balances paid off or looking after their tickets.

If you fail to secure tickets this October, there’s a resale a couple months before the festival. Tickets that have been returned, cancelled, or that haven’t been paid off will be released back to general sale.

There are also thousands of opportunities to obtain a free Glastonbury ticket by volunteering or working at the event.