Ranked: The UK festivals where it rains the most

 Ranked: The UK festivals where it rains the most

British music festivals have been ranked by the amount of rainfall they receive each year.

This isn’t a weather forecast for this summer, it’s an average based on every year that festival has been running to date.

22 festivals have ranked based on the average regional rainfall recorded by the MET Office while the festival was taking place. Accessorize analysed 87 years of historical data.

You’re most likely to get wet at Kendal Calling with a 46% chance of rain, set in the Lake District which gets over 2,000mm of rainfall every year.

London’s We Are FSTVL is in a close second place with a 45% chance of rain, with Bestival in third on 41%. Glastonbury was ranked 10th with a 31%, while Boomtown was 15th on 29%.

London’s Field Day was ranked as the driest festival where it rains just 12.5% of the time.

The UK’s Rainiest Festivals: Full rankings

1. Kendal Calling

Chance of rain: 46.34%
Average rainfall: 3.13 mm
Location: Shap, Lake District

Kendal Calling Sign

2. We Are FSTVL

Chance of rain: 45.45%
Average rainfall: 2.59 mm
Location: Upminster, London

3. Bestival

Chance of rain: 41.54%
Average rainfall: 2.75 mm
Location: East Lulworth, Dorset

4. Y Not

Chance of rain: 41.46%
Average rainfall: 2.25 mm
Location: Pikehall, Derbyshire

5. South West Four

Chance of rain: 36.36 %
Average rainfall: 3.17 mm
Location: Clapham Common, London

6. South West Four

Chance of rain: 36.36%
Average rainfall: 2.50 mm
Location: Warrington, Cheshire

7. Parklife

Chance of rain: 35.29%
Average rainfall: 2.81 mm
Location: Heaton Park, Manchester

8. Neighbourhood Weekender

Chance of rain: 33.33%
Average rainfall: 1.77 mm
Location: Warrington, Cheshire

9. Wireless

Chance of rain: 32.61%
Average rainfall: 2.04 mm
Location: Finsbury Park, London

10. Glastonbury

Chance of rain: 31.30%
Average rainfall: 2.07 mm
Location: Worthy Farm, Somerset

11. Lovebox

Chance of rain: 31.25%
Average rainfall: 2.25 mm
Location: Gunnersbury Park, London

12. The Great Escape

Chance of rain: 30.77%
Average rainfall: 2.33 mm
Location: Brighton

13. Latitude

Chance of rain: 30.61%
Average rainfall: 1.95 mm
Location: Southwold, Suffolk

14. Tramlines

Chance of rain: 30.00%
Average rainfall: 2.80 mm
Location: Hillsborough Park, Sheffield

15. Boomtown Fair

Chance of rain: 29.73%
Average rainfall: 2.83 mm
Location: Winchester, Hampshire

16. Leeds Festival

Chance of rain: 28.33%
Average rainfall: 2.77 mm
Location: Leeds, Yorkshire

17. Isle Of Wight Festival

Chance of rain: 26.42%
Average rainfall: 1.91 mm
Location: Newport, Isle of Wight

18. Boardmasters

Chance of rain: 25.00%
Average rainfall: 2.43 mm
Location: Newquay, Cornwall

19. Download Festival

Chance of rain: 23.91%
Average rainfall: 2.06 mm
Location: Donington Park, Derby

20. British Summer Time

Chance of rain: 23.68%
Average rainfall: 0.98 mm
Location: Hyde Park, London

21. Reading Festival

Chance of rain: 22.92%
Average rainfall: 1.78 mm
Location: Reading, Berkshire

22. Field Day Festival

Chance of rain: 12.50%
Average rainfall: 0.63 mm
Location: Meridian Water, London

From Accessorize:
Data sourced from the Met Office’s Hadley Centre website. Data accurate as of 30/04/2019, covering a period of 87 years – with each festival’s percentage based on the years the festival has been going. Average rain percentage calculated by taking an average of all years of data for the region in which the festival takes place.

Accessorize have released this work under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Licence.

Image credits:
Glastonbury – Paul Townsend

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