Boomtown Fair: Severe weather warnings issued for wind, rain and thunderstorms

 Boomtown Fair: Severe weather warnings issued for wind, rain and thunderstorms

The Met Office has this morning issued severe weather warnings for potential heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds at Boomtown later this week. As it stands, the warnings cover most of England and Wales and suggest the country could be in for an unsettled weekend of weather.

The warnings cover late Thursday night to Saturday night. Daytime temperatures throughout the festival are expected to be just above 20°C with a mix of sun, clouds and rain each day. Scroll down for further details of each warning issued.

Editor’s Note: The general outlook for Boomtown remains good despite the warnings, which advise there is a risk (not a certainty!) of heavy rain showers during the day on Friday and that it’ll probably be pretty windy on Saturday.

You might have to hide from bouts of rain occasionally, but by and large, this forecast is pretty much decent festival weather. I’d probably have paid for this weather at Glastonbury, 30°C+ heatwaves aren’t fun living in a tent. Just keep an eye on the wind and bring enough tent pegs.

Thursday night & Friday

Boomtown Lions Den in the rain Sunday 2018
Gloomy weather at the Lions Den in 2018

A yellow severe weather warning issued by the Met Office reads: “A band of heavy rain, with the possibility of some very heavy bursts, will move northwards during Thursday night and Friday. Once the rain has cleared scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop, particularly during Friday.”

Most locations will miss the scattered showers and thunderstorms on Friday, and it’s too soon to predict exactly where these will occur. However, forecasters are warning where storms do happen, 30mm of rain could fall within a few hours. This is the around half an average month’s rain.

Temperatures are expected to reach around 22°C on Friday, which is currently forecast to be the warmest day of the festival despite the rain.


Boomtown Lions Den shelter from rain 2018
Citizens shelter from the rain at Boomtown 2018

A yellow severe weather warning issued by the Met Office reads: “Unseasonably strong southwesterly winds are expected to cause some disruption, with gusts over 40 mph possible quite widely inland.”

The regional forecast says that gales are likely to hit the area on Saturday, though it’s still possible the forecast will change as the weekend approaches.

Periods of high UV levels are expected throughout Boomtown, so make sure you’re adequately protected from the sun. Always pack enough clothes to be prepared for all weather conditions.

Check the Met Office website, on Android or on Apple iPhone during the festival to stay updated as the forecast changes. Warnings are often revised as the predicted weather approaches to improve the accuracy of the area affected. EE and o2 will have extra masts set-up for Boomtown to keep you connected.

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